So, did you know that the average person consumes approximately 6,000 calories during Thanksgiving?

Well, I didn’t put it to the test but I ate to the point that I couldn’t eat any more. I had a lot to eat and a great deal to drink.

Let’s just say that I owe it to my body to do some serious cardio.

I made a cheesecake by following this recipe however, I didn’t use coconut so I substituted it with a banana. It was the first cheesecake that I’ve ever made and since it was well received, I’m so excited about making another!

I took it to Matt’s Party because Ainka’s had lots of food and drinks.

Everything was so delicious (pic below is of the meal at Matt’s)!

And of course, I overestimated the amount that I can actually eat…

I didn’t take photos at Ainka’s unfortunately but I had some delicious Lasagna (and Ciroc & Orange Juice).

Thanks for Matt and Ainka for having me at their places I’m truly thankful!


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