Google TV came into my mailbox a few days ago and I finally got to set it up. It’s actually a Logitech Revue which allows you to watch anything from the web or TV on your HD television. The Logitech Revue Companion Box with Google TV and Keyboard Controller actually is 299.99 on Amazon and ships free with Prime. However, we got these bad boys for free from the Adobe Max Conference that I attended in October.

At first glance, it was very easy to set up.

Having a keyboard as a remote however, reminds me of using my computer :p.

Get Started

I’m still not sure whether I’d adapt to it unless I get Hulu Plus. Right now, I just have over 4 different ways and devices to view Netflix, stream pandora and check emails — a bit overwhelming.

(Photo of my iMac vs my HD Monitor/TV)

Getting used to the keyboard.

It started by asking your account info:

On the Home screen, there’s Bookmarks, Applications, Spotlight, Most Visited, Queue, What’s On and Amazon VOD.

I found it quite amazing that I could stream some of my favorite podcasts on the TV:

However hours later, I still can’t get my twitter to sync… anyone else is having this issue?

Also like I mentioned, no hulu streaming from browser 🙁

Netflix works perfectly though!

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  1. Its an interesting initiative by Google but it can only succeed after most of web users gain access to broadband internet! Google tv will bring a new revolution as to how we watch tv. Google will also get huge advertising revenue from it. I think with Google TV, since it will be Open source next year, we will see a lot of different pricing and competition. anyway its a good initiative from Google.

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