Gail and I took a cupcake class at Butterlane earlier this week and I meant to post about it however I didn’t get to the photos until today.

They are posted on Design Lady NYC on facebook.

Butterlane is located at 123 East Seventh Street, New York, New York 10009.

Gail and I were in charge of the chocolate frosting and cupcakes. We learned a great deal like cream cheese cuts the sugar and adding flavors to vanilla frosting is the secret to the yummy Butterlane cupcakes. We also learned how to frost the perfect way — I wasn’t successful… See I am not good at a great deal of things. I am in love with pastry bags though… They make perfect toppings.

I’m highly considering an investment in a mixer and creating a cupcake shop. What do you guys think?

If time allows, I will post the recipes when I scan and OCR.


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  1. Good luck if you are able to start a cupcake business. I had that idea earlier this year also, then I remembered I don’t like sweet and cakes that much! I’ll see if the idea comes to fruition in 2011 since I don’t need to eat it to get money. 🙂

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