If money were no object, what would be the perfect gift? Whether it’s for yourself or for somebody else, what thing would you give that you won’t or can’t give now? #LetsBlogOff

I’m someone who is quite content with her financial situation. Sure, I have student loans but I have quite a handle on balancing my check book to make sure that I am making good decisions… I’m no millionaire by any means however not many people can say that they are “content.”  My being “content” comes from the fact that I know how it is to not have money. The fact that I can actually eat daily and I am not homeless is satisfactory. If money were no object, I think paying off my student loans would be the ideal gift for myself or anyone to give to me. Only because after that, there wouldn’t be any other restrictions on my budget or means in which I can help others. I’d also take my talents to more of a philanthropic route rather than capitalistic gain. Even now, despite my loans, if I had extra income I would certainly help others with it. Currently, I donate where I can (remember the Great Football Giveaway and Charity races) and volunteer where necessary.

However, for someone else: If money were no object, I’d travel around America to change people’s lives.

Why America and not another foreign country? This is actually something that I’ve always wondered about. I’ve wondered why we are usually so quick to support another country but tend to forget that we have homeless people here — right in our neighborhoods and cities. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t ever help any countries (I donated to the red cross to help Haiti). However locally, I figured if I am able to change someone’s life in a positive way they can, in turn, pay it forward. When I believe I’ve fixed my neighborhood, state etc… Then I’ll focus on other countries. I always believe that problems should be fixed from the inside out.

I’d eradicate homelessness. Unfortunately for this, not all homeless people are at equal mental states so this might include starting mental hospitals, providing shelters for the mentally stable and getting them into programs that will find them jobs. This sounds easy on the surface but it’s actually quite involved.

Other gifts if money were no object:
I’d start scholarships to get more women interested in technology programs. The power in education is clear to me and will definitely benefit anyone (male or female — however, I am bias in leveling the playing field within that division of genders).

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  1. My one fantasy in the “help others” department is working with either foster children or tutoring the disadvantaged in middle school. I have never had the time to do such things, but I was very active with a niece and nephew for many years. Mom (my sister) was a druggie, etc. It was a sad situation, but I did what I could for the kids. One didn’t do so well; the other seems to have done fine.

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