They are sooo sweet!

I was fortunate to meet this beautiful couple this year (@db & @mizcity) and it was great seeing them at this recent Holiday Party from Digital Somethings that I attended with @copyrider and @jdelsoin. Maybe one day I will be as fortunate to find someone with the amazing dynamic that they both have (maybe next year? It’s only a few more days haha)! I had a really great time  so I’d say this holiday party was another success! Thanks so much for the invite Damien I had a blast!

As the year comes to a close, I am still meeting new people and forming incredible friendships and just having a good ole time! Here’s my mug along with my coworker, Joseph and Leah!

Someone thought Joseph was an actor that night! I’m going to be the Agent.

The photos are from Random Night Out check the rest out there.

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