I was called a bookworm growing up.

By tallying what I read in 2008, I realized that I read close to 90 books. Since then I’ve been trying to break that record. It has been in vain. However, that’s not going to stop me from pursuing the goal of reading at least 20 books this year. Its definitely a possible resolution.

Why books?
Books expose a wide range of knowledge and keep my mind active. I’m currently attempting to learn something new everyday. Reading also inimitably improves my vocabulary. I believe it will improve my writing.

Currently reading:
Its now 6 days into the new year and I am currently reading the Secret Lives of Great Artists: What Your Teachers Never Told You About Master Painters and Sculptors. I feel like I’m more connected to my favorite art pioneers – learning about them like I’ve never before. Art History wasn’t particularly interesting to me in college so I feel like I’m getting a new lesson. Instead of seeing slides and brief descriptions to cram into my mind for a final, I’m learning about the individual. The book makes these artists more human instead of being gods — therefore untouchable.

I dont own a device for reading. Ironically I’ve never used a device for reading. I enjoy holding physical books. I appreciate the tangibility and smell (can’t recreate the smell of old books from the devices — can’t recreate the germs either lol).

What are you reading currently? Are you using devices? I need suggestions and since I try almost any genre I’ll appreciate writing reviews.

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7 Comments on “What are you reading?”

  1. I’m currently reading “The Bells” by Richard Harvell which i bought on my girlfriends Nook. I actually think i will get a e-reader myself since the e-ink technology is really close to resembling a book and its full of features a geek like me appreciates.

      • Its pretty good so far and sad at times. Here is a short synopsis , i don’t really want to give away too much of the story.

        “The Bells is the story of Moses who is the son of a deaf mother. His voice enchants anyone who hears, but like so many boys of the time, Moses is a victim of castration, an act that will preserve his beautiful voice, but cause him both great physical and emotional pain.”

  2. I’m reading Ciudad de las Bestias by Isabel Allende. It’s more of a young adult novel and theoretically something that I might not normally read (okay, yes I would). I’m reading it in Spanish, which makes it more challenging. It’s a great story, and Allende is one of my favorite authors. If you haven’t read The House of the Spirits you definitely should. I’m working my way up to reading that in Spanish.

  3. Jerlyn!! I was at work and doing a search for a specific book (except the safe search filter eliminated each word except “book”). I found your entry listed at the bottom of the first page! So congrats on achieving “first page on Google” status! 😉

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