I recently became a year older and celebrated my annual 25th birthday. Instead of asking anyone for gifts, even if I do have an amazon wishlist set up, I decided to do something selfless and asked everyone to donate to a charity of my choice. From now on, on my birthday, I will try to do something selfless. I will get gifts on my own. I think that’s best and it will save the returns to the store :).

This year:

It was for the Battle Against Breast Cancer. On the page says:

Hello, and thanks for checking out my Birthday Wish!

For my birthday on February 19th, I’m asking my friends and family for a special gift: help me raise $250 for Battle Against Breast Cancer. It’s a great cause that goes to the Breast Cancer research Foundation.

I chose Battle Against Breast Cancer because I run the Susan B Komen race yearly and believe in it.

Please consider giving to my Birthday Wish, and together we can make the world a better place. If you can’t give now, I’d really appreciate if you’d share this page with your friends.

Thanks so much,


Go here to donate, I think there’s still time. Currently there’s $179 out of $250. Not bad right?

I haven’t done a what I wore post in awhile. However, to the left is what I wore to go out that night. Unfortunately the beautiful weather dropped about 20 degrees!

I had an incredible time — didn’t go without a little hitch though but in the end I’m happy to be where I am today.

Happy for health, laughter, good people and just living in the city that I dreamt of living in since I was 7 years old.

I’m not sure what else will happen this year but I did a bit of reflecting and I’m  happy to be a little older and wiser.

My dad called me on my birthday and mentioned that he and mom had all three of us kids by my age and I’m still amazed. My parents are quite young.

Remember when I interviewed them in November?

On Friday, I went to Johnny Utahs (where I went with a friend of mine a few weeks prior) — it’s a busy atmosphere with a mechanical bull.

After that we moved to Faces and Names where I could chat with my friends more but I think next time we’ll go dancing if I celebrate another birthday like this. The waitress was very nice however and brought me chocolate mousse cake.

After, I went to have breakfast with one of my friends, Joseph. Then I went home to get ready for my scheduled 3 mile run that everyone was convinced that I would miss.

Later, I went to see the Harlem Globetrotters at Madison Square Garden! We got surprisingly great seats even if we got the deal off travelzoo.com.

The next day, I ran another 4 miles then met with my friend Jackson (we were roommates in college also). We went to get delicious Indian Food from Curry & Curry (153 E 33rd St, New York 10016) in Manhattan on our way to watch “I am Number Four.”

Since we had some time before the movie, I decided to get a new phone. My Samsung Moment only has 2.1 (annoying) and it kept freezing (even if I am Team Android, 2.1 is a no-no). I upgraded to the HTC EVO. My Moment was recycled for $40 (better than nothing right?).

(The background is actually a photo that I took in Rochester, NY a few years ago. If you would like it let me know and I can email it to you if you’d like).

I LOVE the phone, I almost got the HTC shift because it has a keyboard like my Samsung Moment but it made more sense to get the EVO since it had a faster processor. So, I had to get used to the onscreen keyboard. I love the beautiful graphics also.

Also, how psyched I am about Words With Friends being on the Android!

By the way, naturally, I got the EVO in white.

Anyway, back to I Am Number Four. Jackson and I went to see it at the AMC Loews at 570 2nd Ave.

In the movie, gorgeous Timothy Olyphant was in the list of the casting…

— Give me a moment —

Sorry about that, even if I won’t say spoilers, this movie didnt seem predictable to me and I enjoyed it because of this. I love science fiction movies and this is on a list of favorites. Let me know what you think if you’ve watched it.

I Am Number Four follows the story of John Smith, a 15-year old alien from the planet Lorien, and his guardian, Henri, as they run from the Mogadorians, another race of aliens that are hunting down John and the other eight teenage Loriens, who all make up the Garde, living on Earth. The Garde consists of all Loriens who have special Legacies and powers. The teenagers are protected by a charm, which only allows them to be killed in a set order. John is Number Four. Both the Loriens and Mogadorians have a human appearance.

(source – do not read this source unless you want a spoiler)

I wonder if there’ll be a sequel… I wouldn’t be surprised.

All in all, my birthday weekend was amazing. Thank you if you were there! If not, even if it wasn’t a Night of Debauchery as originally planned, it was fun and intimate with great laughter and company.

Cheers to birthdays! Also, it’s definitely not too late to donate to the charity.

Oh, I didn’t get to play video games all day on President’s Day as I initially planned… *sigh*

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