I know, I have been negligent or busy. However it’s for good reasons. Nope, I am not dating as yet ( still very single ) but I have been taking Spanish classes and working on my Android app…

I honestly I do not need to apologize to you dear reader. It’s called having a life and unplugging. I have also been training for a 1/2 marathon. Currently I am at 10 miles which is so amazing to me because only 3 more miles and I’m there! It’s only week 7 (14 more to go). I have a whole back story to this but I’d rather tell you about my Spanish classes.

Yes I should be fluent by now since I took 4 years of Spanish prior. However, I am not. I do have something that prevents me from learning spoken languages and I hope that I get over it. I am already terrible at English itself… Imagine another language and grammar in the mix.

Last weekend I went to barnes and noble and picked up these:

I have also been listening to podcasts:
Coffee break Spanish and Discover Spanish. They both have unique teaching and I enjoy them. Coffee Break Spanish is taught by people in Scotland – which was interesting because they taught Castilian Spanish whereas Discover Spanish touched mostly on Latin America. Both have really fun intro songs that make me excited about learning!

I have the Rosetta Stone also.

I even tried changing my language settings in my iPod.

Anyway, I need practice with native speakers so if you’d like to volunteer definitely contact me (you know because Latinos are scarce in New York *yeah right*). I can’t wait to be comfortable speaking because I love most of Latin American and Spanish culture. Yes, both Salsas included!

Necesito practicar mi español todos los dias – hablo y escribo.

Also new: I’m going to be painting more (so feel free to commission).
I’ve  bought an easel yesterday and I will be painting most of the sketches that I have been doing on the subway including the micropen inkings.

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4 Comments on “en español + what’s new”

  1. hi j,

    We have here more than 1900 languages in INDIA, (hindi, punjabi, marathi, dogari, urdu, and so on…)

    wanna learn any one 😉

    anyways keep it up 🙂

    • I’m already stuck with Spanish and I’m already terrible at English itself lol. I can only imagine learning any of those 1900 languages haha

  2. Hola Jerlyn, como has estado? Hace tiempo que no pasaba por tu pagina web!

    Siempre pense que tu ya eras fluente con el Español, pero no hay nada de malo en perfeccionar lo que ya sabes.

    Dices que hay algo que te previene de aprender mas del lenguaje, y al leer que todavia estas soltera (you wrote: still very single!), quizas necesites un novio que sepa hablar Español!! Bueno, estoy bromeando solo en un 50% aqui, quizas de esta manera puedas aprender mas Español y no estar soltera al mismo tiempo!

    Pense que te gustaria leer este comentario en Español, acuerdate: practica, practica, practica! Eh, eh! No Google Translate!!

    Pregunta curiosa, de que se trata tu aplicacion de Android? Ah, y no hay nada de malo con tener una vida fuera del internet, para “unplug” como dices. Bueno, creo que ya he escrito demasiado ya. Adios por ahora, y todo lo mejor con tu entrenamiento para el maraton!


    • jajaja hola Juan! Estoy bien! Y tu? Lol si estoy soltera pero no necesito un novio! Haha but maybe un novio que sepa hablar Español isn’t a bad idea.

      Necesito practicar mucho.

      En este momento, mi aplicación de Android es mi secreto. Will post when complete or preview though.

      Gracias sobre la media maratón. Si, “unplugging” es bueno! Hablar contigo pronto

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