If you could stop the world for one day, what would you take the time to do?

Hmmm, only one day? And, just for me?

Well, since I’m playing hooky from work (obviously). I will get my chores done. I know, it sounds lame but I feel super guilty that I barely see my apartment. Even on the weekend I’m not really enjoying it. The thing is, my life in NYC is super busy.  It’s out the door, off to work, back in doors, more work, sleep… repeat or off to be social – to network – to exist. It’s a little more than living to work vs. working to live. At times I take on a great deal of responsibility, although not always required, and this time reflects that.

So with this 24 hour period, I’ll finally get caught up with everything. I will definitely get around to sorting all those clothes & shoes for donation that I’ve been trying to do all year also!

Then, I’ll work on that painting that I started, so that I can actually finish it.

I’ll get caught up with my editorials. Cross some goals off my list and enjoy some well deserved pampering.

I’m sure something greed-related will be added to this list… after all, I’m human *grin.*

I’ll certainly enjoy unplugging from social distractions.

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2 Comments on “[Pause]”

  1. One of the things that helps me a lot of ending this day with half an hour to an hour or more reading one of my books. I have a library of over 1000, the bulk of which I have read, and ending each day in the study is both an education, and a time for me to do something important to me. With your painting, I would either begin or end each day with it, whichever worked best. If you do, I think you’ll end up with more energy, as opposed to simply working, working, working.

    • Oh splendid idea Joseph! I have the same problem with books… I should definitely end the day by painting!

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