… adventure. I’ve had to evaluate my goals yearly at each stage of my career and once again I’m doing it. It might be because I’m a year older. It might be because I’ve been at my job for almost a year or it might be because my values changed. Nonetheless, I still want to make cool shit.

I’ve always respected the great mentors in my field and in  reflecting on my own career in comparison ensures that I’ll never settle to be devalued or settle for less. I’m so happy to have stuck to that mantra.

I’ve done so many cool things these past couple years, I’m proud. I still want to do something so incredible that it would change the world.

Advertising is an interesting field. Falling into it seemed painless and I love learning more and more. However, the journey hasn’t been so painless. These days when I meet people who have been in it for over a decade, I want to learn their stories. I’m fortunate when I meet those who absolutely love it. When I do, I wonder what field I would rather be in if I hadn’t gotten into it.

My greatest challenge this past year was to balance my life. I didn’t seem to have time to blog or Tweet anymore. Many of you know that this behavior is unlike me. As a creative person I believe it’s important to step outside yourself. Even if you look at inspiration, you ought to look at things more conceptually.

My goal this year was to find a position that allowed me to balance my life. I feel like the world can leave you behind if you don’t. When I’m older I would like the stories of coming up with the great idea to be the focus of my legacy. Let’s see how this new year goes, so far, it’s even possible that I’ll find love.

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  1. jackie

    Good luck on your next adventure!

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