This is a drive by post of Cabo. I hope to post the photos under my Google + account. So visit here for updates.

Matt V posted about an awesome Virgin America long haul jetsetter deal last year so I swiped it since it was in my budget as an early gift. It was a Gilt Groupe Deal. It was 3 round trip tickets to any destination 1. I love Virgin America airlines 2. I had reasons to go to the west coast. I used the first one to attend Adobe Max and saved the other two. Total cost: $1205.00.

• Seats in Main Cabin Select
• Complimentary food and beverage
• Five Elevate points for every $1 spent on your Gilt City purchase

In conversation I told Emily Duong(an avid jetsetter) about the tickets. I mentioned the locations that it covered and she immediately said “Cabo.” A few weeks into it she kept reminding me of Cabo. Conversations usually went like: ”

me: yah should be I will try to go to the west coast on a random weekend though
Emily: NO CABO
me: well, I can’t
Emily: booo
She had “a free cabo flight + girls in mexico spring break style vaca in mind.” This was when I worked at my last job, going to Cabo seemed impossible. However, Vegas seemed doable on a weekend than Cabo would. It was a toss about who would go and I didn’t find Vegas appealing as much as Cabo since I had already been there. I knew I would have fun with Emily if I went since she’s used to traveling.
In February, I came back from Vacation and from celebrating my birthday and realized that I needed a huge change. I asked Emily whether she could take a few days off. She told me that one was possible. We decided to do a long weekend. Which meant, 48 hours in Cabo. I had recently got a job offer and the Virgin America tickets were going to expire in June. I booked the tickets. I let the new job know about it and they were fine with me taking a few days off (After all, I was heading to the new job immediately after resigning from my prior one).
I took Thursday off to do my taxes, work out at the gym for 2 1/2 hours and catch up on cleaning my apartment/relaxing. Emily did so much research on Cabo and mentioned that she really wanted to visit the arch of the Cape. I was down for that. The next day, Emily’s boyfriend picked me up on the way to the airport before 6am. Emily and I checked in and got on board. Our layover was in San Francisco where we had some Sake and Sushi for lunch.
While on full-vacation-mode, I ordered some drinks and a meal.
The awesome Virgin America tickets were main cabin select so we could drink or eat as much as we wanted (calories don’t count on vacation haha). We landed in Cabo at 9pm New York time (we basically traveled all day).
We got some money changed into pesos and got on our shuttle from the airport. We used a shuttle called Transcabo. Our driver  gave us some water when we got in.
Some other passengers were dropped along the way (we were the last to be dropped off).
After we checked in and made reservations for a dinner cruise the following day. The only catch is that they give us a sale’s pitch of owning time shares. We agreed.
These were our “free breakfast passes.”
We took a look at our hotel which was amazing!
Can you believe that someone’s bum is going to be wiped by this incredible piece of art?
The view from our hotel:
@emyyy :
Emily’s favorite chair:
After making our way on the boardwalk, we came across some guys who were trying to sell us some water sports tour who recommended a place called the Crazy Lobster for dinner.
We were famished. After some delicious dinner choices, we went to The Nowhere ¿Bar?
Where we had some piña coladas before we called it a night at 9PM (Midnight in NYC)!
(someone needs to get Emily these lanterns).
The next day, we woke up to see the sun rise. I really thought that we had missed it until we saw the most gorgeous view in the distance.
Right after, we walked to have breakfast:
They seem obsessed with Viagra on the boardwalk at the pharmacies.
I swear, I had the best coffee ever in Mexico at El Agave Azul.
I brought back lots of Cabo coffee 🙂
Next, we went to listen to a guide about Time Shares (fun fun) where we had more breakfast then we were off on our adventure:
We went to the arch via water taxi with our guide “One-Arm Juan,” and his younger co-captain.
The fleet is called Chayito’s and it’s owned by Abel Ruiz. If you visit, try them at: 1-b Cabo San Lucas B. C. S México (624 178 7750).
We saw a few sea lions while heading there:
Then saw the beach where we would embark:
Lover’s Beach
The Arch
Divorce Beach:
This was where I realized that I would be getting shades darker and the aftermath included peeling for days.
It’s infact possible for me to get even darker:
After we got back from the Arch, we went on the dinner cruise with Cabo Mar.
All we can eat and drink
There was a whale but it disappeared quickly:
A perfect way to end the day
Salsa dance with a real Mexican in Mexico (bucketlist check)!
After the boat docked, we went to the boardwalk again where we got some really delicious Oysters at Lorenzillo’s.
Partying at Squid Roe
We made one more stop at a wine bar (Sonoma) then NoWhere Bar once more before we called it a night (Emily was wasted rofl).
Our final breakfast in Cabo. We had to set our clocks ahead by one hour for Day lights savings on April 1. I thought it was a joke. So, we actually had 49 hours in Cabo since we landed at 3pm and left at 5pm.
Next, we spent the remaining hours shopping
We noticed that the streets were closed. In Cabo, they close the street for people to ride their bikes, run, take walks etc on Sunday for a few hours. It’s a brilliant concept.
We came across a few vendors that I had to bargain with.
My favorite deal was purchasing two lovely earrings :).
We came across a vendor who customized a bracelet for me for $4. He made it in 10 minutes :D!
Emily also got her fantastic basket (I got one too)
After we checked out of our hotel, we decided to have some lunch and drinks at Captain Tony’s before our shuttle arrived:
Best Ceviche ever:
On our way back, we stopped at a few places in the airport. We had a final drink and “wings” at a place called Wings. I had a drink called La Diabla.
On our way back we ran into past clients of mine. The most awesome antanderik. There had been a bachelor get-away in Cabo. What are the odds running into them?
After our layover in San Francisco, Emily and I were on the red eye back to NYC. Less booze induced, it was very uncomfortable for me to sleep. Her Matt picked us up and I spent the day sleeping after I got back to my apartment. Mission accomplished.
By the way,  I was so excited to have breakfast in my new dishes the next day:
Sidenote: Emily is one of the most awesome people to take vacation with. Check out her adventures on her blog.

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