My first race ever was in September of 2008. It was my first time running outdoors. It also was the most difficult run I’d had in my life! Can you believe it? Barely 3 miles.

2008 was actually a tough year for me and getting into running was a perfect distraction and accomplishment.

Seriously, what did I expect after only running on the treadmill?

It was the Komen Race for the Cure and I came in at 34 minutes. I can run under that time now and a 5K is a breeze these days but I did come a long way.

After a few more 5Ks, I did 5 miles, 6 miles, 10K, 10 miles, 15K, and I even tried a half marathon last year.

Each race left me hungry for more.

I probably spent a fortune on exercise gear alone.

My favorite race so far had been the 10 miler. I think I was the most prepared by being unprepared and it was the day when I truly learned how I was “born to run.”

There’s no stopping me now. Today,  I signed up for the ING Marathon in Miami scheduled January 27th, 2013. My aunt, a bionic beast herself, asked me to sign up and there was no second guessing it.

Dreaming to be the best I can be. Pushing my body to its limit, puking if I have to because I want it so bad. I need it. It’s a goal that I can meet because I see it in the distance. It’s an experience I want to cross off my list.

It’s on Bitches! You can follow my progress here.


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  1. Thanks for sharing your experience about your dream to become a marathoner nice to hear that you already achieve your goal. God Bless You.

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