I haven’t done watercolor seriously for years. I tried one project when I bought my kit a few months back but that was it.

I’ve always loved it. I enjoy the patience that comes with it.

On Friday, I took a watercolor class at Michiyo Art Studio. I’m not sure whether I’ll be able to attend again for awhile but I really enjoyed learning the new techniques. The class was taught by Michiyo Fukushima, an amazing watercolor artist of over 12 years, who has breathtaking paintings hung up on each wall in the basement studio.

Since I got this with a Google offer, I was given supplies that were covered – a blank canvas, brushes and some colors.

Our first instructions was to wet the paper and create clouds and light for our horizon lines with yellow and reddish yellow.

Then we added a background with a deep blue and lighter blue.

Then we added mountains with dark gray some shadows on the clouds and the ocean:


This is the Final piece when the class completed had to rewet and do some re-touching.

This is where I mixed my paint:

This is where I tested mixed my mixed colors:

I’ll try to do another by the end of the week but this time with my own references. Hopefully my supplies are up to par. Practice makes perfect :).


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