I signed up for the Frontrunner’s pride race again this year.

It’s a fun 5 mile race for the LGBT community and I fully support them. This year marked a year since it’s legal to get same-sex married in NYC. It was an honor to run on the anniversary.

Last year’s pride run was very different from this one. I wasn’t in the best of shape and I stopped a few times. The race is also incredibly packed so sometimes you can’t pass anyone.

However, last year’s result was: 0:44:56 with a 9 min pace placing 631 in my gender, 223 out of 751 in my age and 2076 overall.  There were 5,017 runners: Men – 2,430 and Women – 2,587. It was 72 degrees that day and 77% humidity, Wind 4MPH.

This year: I came in at: 0:41:46 with a 8:22 min pace despite the crowded route placing 256 in my gender, 82 out of 727 in my age  and 1215  overall. This year there were 4,947 runners: Men – 2,340 and Women – 2,607. The weather was: 69 Degrees, 93% Humidity, Wind 3MPH, A Few Clouds. I did pause three times for water but I did very well because I felt strong throughout the entire race. Unfortunately as usual I didn’t get enough sleep (bad) thanks to my neighbors (who are moving by the month’s end – yes! So I won’t need to move). Next time I’m definitely going to try running at the 7 minute pace starting line because I realized I could run even faster if there was no one in front of my strides. At the last 1/2 mile I sprinted really quickly. After I crossed the finish line, a few people came up to me and complimented me. One even said that I looked like a gazelle and my legs were really high like I was flying. That made my day!

After, there was a raffle (which I didn’t get).

I also ran into the actor, Wilson Cruz. I went up to and asked, “Hey, you look familiar — are you a salsa instructor or someone I’ve danced salsa with before?” Haha, he said, no he’s an actor and if I remembered him from “My So-Called Life,” if I am old enough. Lol I was a little embarrassed for doing this (not every latin guy is a salsa dancer, Jerlyn!)

After the race, I headed to Macondo with my friends and had brunch with unlimited mimosas which caused me to miss my last appointment for the day because I completed passed out and couldn’t wake up. I guess my body needed it.


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