I had my first drink after 32 days the beginning of August, it was a Guinness—what did you expect?

I initially asked the bartender for seltzer water but he laughed at me and walked away. Rude. Fine, my challenge was up anyway, I told him that I enjoyed whiskey a bit and he tried to entice me with the bottles of Maker’s Mark and Jameson.

“That’s quite alright, the Guinness will do,” I responded.

One drink. Nothing happened—I felt tired. I joked with the bartender for a little, finding out his real name (Chris), that he refused to tell me for fear that I would report him to his manager for refusing to give me seltzer water.

I left after thanking Chris and informing him about my 30-day challenge. This month, I get to meet a stranger each day and compliment them. I’m failing at it. I think it’s because I find it difficult to be genuinely interested in people if I’m not truly interested. I was trying to record some of my encounters on instagram. You can follow my over-shares there. My username : jerlynthomas.

The drinking vs. not drinking result: I’d rather not drink. It’s counterproductive to my lifestyle. I grab a drink with friends but it’s not necessary. I love wine and will always have a glass now and then but, it won’t be in excess because recovering from my healthy lifestyle isn’t fun. It’s just like cheat days when I have foods that I don’t normally have. The aftermath is never worth it.

We are in August. August in the past few years has been particularly difficult for me. The 1st would have been my brothers 23rd birthday. I didn’t feel like mentioning it but my sister posted a photograph of him on the first. It’s strange that you think of someone less and less over the years. Time definitely heals pain (or tries to). I often wonder what he would have went on to study in college or what incite he would have given me at this point in my life, he was always mature for his age. I truly do miss him and his advice.

The couple of weeks that we are in now have been quite interesting. I went to an art show, birthday celebration and comedy club so far. I don’t get to go out as much these days because of training (which isn’t as intense as you’d think). So it was nice to get out and have too much to drink (I don’t think I’ll be drinking as much in the upcoming months).

Over this weekend I logged 14 miles. At this point I’m a tad disappointed only because I should be a lot further (The week earlier, I did 17 miles) but I’m slowly losing the discipline. I did buy a pull-up bar that I’ll enjoy getting used to in the next few weeks in a few days I have a 10 mile race. If I run like I do now, it should be easy peasy (or I’ll possible beat my PR by 10 minutes). I’m looking forward to it.

I’m struggling to keep my weight at something that I can manage though. Sometimes I can lose about 5 lbs after my long runs, I’m sure that’s not normal. If I wanted to lose 15 lbs I figured I’d run a marathon when ever necessary (not a healthy idea). So, trying to keep up weight while training = très difficile.

I’ve also recently added some time in to draw! I’m a little fascinated by girls with Afros now. I’m now a girl with an Afro ;).

I had my hair in a style that I saw online for two weeks:

The woman did an incredible job but it’s nice to have my afro back:

Anyway that’s updates, look forward to a huge revamp and branding coming up in the next few months. I’m excited!

In the meantime:

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