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Haven’t written one of these posts in awhile. Today was a rest day. Well, rest in the sense that I took some time off where I’m not torturing my body while training for the marathon. Emily, her friend Nini and I went to the Whitney museum (I’d never been to it before). We went to see Yayoi Kusama’s Fireflies on Water which I appreciated but it wasn’t what I expected. You can learn more of it here.

We checked out Wade Guyton OS on the 3rd floor first, I’ll have to say I’m not a fan but I get it. However, my favorite floor was Signs & Symbols on 2nd that displayed the likes of Pollock and Jasper Johns and some other artists that seemed to have been influenced by them or had similar styles. I wasn’t sure whether I could have taken photos.

We made our way to Yayoi Kusama’s exhibit which was a minute long per person. It was essentially a 5 feet walkway surrounded by water and hanging Christmas lights. It was gorgeous, just tiny. We weren’t allowed to take photos so mine is blurry.

Here’s one I found online of her however:

If you’re in NYC, you’ve probably seen the patterns from her work “Yellow Tree,” in Chelsea.

{credit: here}

After, we went to Ladurée where I picked up some macaroons. Lets say that those made today a cheat day (I’m on a Paleo diet read more here).

We also saw some people from the Hispanic Heritage Day Parade on the way:

We made our way to Le Pain Quotidien after and had a delicious goat cheese and artichoke sandwich (cheat) and after parting ways with Nini, Emily and I came across 25PCW where we saw a free exhibit by the artist Joe Miller. Now that’s some art that I can appreciate. You can see some of the work here.

Today was just absolutely gorgeous and warm unlike yesterday. However, I did quite abit of shopping last night and started cooking for the week.

I made a squash, carrot and leek soup and Almond Cinnamon Muffins (paleo recipe).

I love the paleo diet and once this month is up I do intend to keep it as the major part of my diet/lifestyle.

Other than that, I’ve started a fundraiser please check it out: bit.ly/runjerlynrun

Now that I’m inspired again, I’m off to create!

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