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I started running outdoors about four years ago. I used to run on the treadmill but I forgot what I wore. I bought my first pair of Nikes: Nike Vomero 4

They were neutral shoes until I found out about Gait and as someone who used to overpronate, I was recommended a new type of shoe: Nike Zoom Structure Triax+ 15. I had been getting injured constantly in the Vomeros and had to use knee supports.

So I got a new pair of Nikes but the Zoom Structure still left me injured and felt heavy.

Years later, I decided to go minimal.

I bought a pair of Vibrams KSOs (I haven’t successfully raced in them as yet) and a pair of Nike Free Run+ Shield iD. They were the first shoes I ran in completely injury free.

Later when I checked my Gait again, I found out that I was a neutral runner. So I welcomed my first pair of New Balances: The 890v2.

These days I go between the New Balances and the Frees and when it rains I pull out my Nikes. It’s sacrificing it’s structure for the greater good: not ruining my favorite pairs because of mother nature. They still work great even if I’ve had them for years.

I’m a couple months away from my first marathon and I’m trying to decide on shoe choices. I love shoe colors. The brighter the better. I feel like they put me in a good mood especially since I tend to look at the ground that I’m stepping on.

I love how colors have such prominence in mood. Although my favorite color is red, I’d never run in them (maybe one day). I love purples, pinks and greens.

I wanted a new pair of Nike Frees so I got my final pair:

The furthest I’ve ran was in my New Balance 890v2 but I’m still building miles in my Frees.

A few weeks ago I tried customizing but I think I’ll be sticking to just New Balance 890s and Frees from now on. I still want these:

What’s your favorite pair of running shoes?

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