I didn’t proofread this! Just wrote on my iPad on the commute home on the subway:

I was speaking to @asciibn tonight at the microtropolis event in Chelsea. He was my plus one. I got an invite to the Windows 8 launch event via kloutperks and figured the person who would enjoy this the most and was a bigger geek than me would be him… Plus there was booze. I’m not particularly fond of open bars but anyway, that’s another topic.

I got there early because I work across the street from pier 57 and literally spent all day wondering what to expect. I haven’t opened my windows machine for over a year after I got my iMac and MacBook Air because I just don’t have the time (definitely not because I’m a Mac fan). I just have no time outside of work to work on anything else, I’m actually hugely against apple even if I own many devices. They are overpriced for what they do but majority is what is need to follow if I want an income. I’ve been called a hypocrite but I believe your work is based on the mastery of a tool — any tool.

Anyway, I walked into pier 57and saw the hanging signage. Loved it. At first look, I loved the vibrant colors chosen that reminded me of that last windows phone that wasn’t quite a phone… What’s it called? Um, oh yea a … Ugh, crap I had to google the name… A Lumia!

Lets say if you’re used to those phones, you’re not expecting anything new in Windows 8. However, at first glance of the OS after not seeing it in over a year… The windows UI looks very familiar… It reminds me of the @Litl. Wait, what’s a Litl? Well, it just so happens that I purchased one back in the day and it was mostly flash based so I was going to develop an app for it. Why does the stacking order of Windows very similar?

It’s really about the apps. Lets see, I turn on my android phone. I use it for: checking my text messages, checking in, probably instagramming, probably a Facebook message or two. I use my iPad for reading on the subway… I Instagram on it as well… definitely some Facebook.

Scrolling through the windows machine, I figured yea probably wouldn’t look so awesome if it wasn’t a touch screen. Not only that, how many people will be developing apps on that platform based on the users? There’s definitely a market but if you think about it, what device will I be carrying while using this platform? When will I be stationed and why would I find value in it?

I used various devices at different sizes which was refreshing. The company that curated this event was incredible. Especially  in the light of Apple introducing the new iPad mini, it’s nice that Windows seem to work seamlessly on each resolution and the company did a great job introducing different machines. They also found companies that would love their apps on the windows platform. I love variety. This means, I can buy a cheap acer machine and install Windows 8… But again, it’s better with touch and, why would I use this? I have an iPad. Not only that, the UI doesn’t intrigue me enough to have adobe suite on it, thus, being an unnecessary purchase.

In conclusion, Windows isn’t for me. It might be for you if you want something very simple. Right now, the apps displayed were quite limited. I’m certain that they don’t come pre-installed and the gestures used weren’t that advanced. There’s nothing unique. I’m unimpressed but might be a great Xmas gift, just like the Litl was, for a non-geek.

OAN: hope you enjoy some of the pics from the event! It was an amazing set!

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