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2012: what a year. I’m wrapping it up again like I did with 2011 and prior. What I love about these yearly recaps is the lessons that I have learned. Sometimes I try to apply them to my life the following year. I have no idea what 2013 has in store for me but 2012 has been a whirlwind, however a whirlwind of mostly good. I had a great deal of preconceived notions at the beginning of the year (I was wrong for most). I gained friendships, lost people, made career moves and embraced life… And finally some sort of religion (whatever it is, I’m more spiritual). I also ran my very first marathon. Before I get ahead of myself, lets recap from January 1st:

January: Premonition

I worked at my very first pharmaceutical advertising agency and had been there for little under a year. I had the worse boss (and it’s difficult to talk about my job on my blog since many people have gotten in trouble for it). I was incredibly burned out. I was gaining weight and didn’t know why. I saw the NYE photos and got pretty self conscious.

Gaining weight

Gaining weight

I ran almost everyday but I wasn’t getting enough sleep and getting home after 10pm daily sucked. I felt unappreciated. I needed a break. My birthday was coming up the following month so I asked for 3 days off a month and half ahead of schedule. I was given a hard time. I sort an escape. I trusted no one. I loathed my team, everyone seemed so fake I was out of energy for politics. I didn’t know who to trust. I couldn’t understand why work had to be my life. Why did the thing that I love the most start to feel like a chore? Dating was a nightmare and with some sort of narcissism I started using it for an outlet. It was pure comedy. People was weird, I was weird. I learned to laugh at myself.

I built an art bin container by gathering supplies from home depot, I’m not a carpenter but it felt amazing using powertools and a saw:

I purchased the Wacom Inkling:

Wacom Inkling 2012-01-11_1326295184 2012-01-11_1326295185 2012-01-11_1326295198 2012-01-11_1326295413







February : Awakening

I was approximately 400 feet in the air parasailing when I made the decision to quit my job, even if I had no plans.


I was interviewing and didn’t care if I caught nothing. I was in the middle of the bay in St. Thomas and it was my birthday. I really hated my boss by then. I even dropped the F-bomb at work after getting off a phone call with him. He had made me look bad. Something was about to give and I know I couldn’t last another month of being out of control of my life. I hated him because I had lost respect. I thought he was incompetent and a manipulator. I wanted a better role model. I went to work daily with fear of losing my job and I cried everyday because I believed he would have sabotaged my career. I thought I was pretty good at what I do. When I got back to NYC, after the few days away home in the Virgin Islands, I decided to give it another two weeks before I put in my 2 weeks notice. A past colleague reached out to me. I interviewed at his agency. Everyone seemed to like me. I wondered if the grass greener and was ready abandon ship.

March: Cabo
MS Climb to the Top New York City
I climbed the Rockefeller center in 16 minutes for MS climb to the top. It was one of the events that made me sad about leaving the first job. It was the first time that I got to hang with the CEO (not like we did any talking). Emily and I went to Cabo as soon as I started my new job. It was just 49 hours and perfect. I provided tickets, she provided boarding.

2012-03-30_1333131206 2012-03-31_1333157293 2012-03-31_1333169744 2012-04-01_1333304057 2012-04-01_1333304599 2012-04-02_1333372109 2012-04-02_1333372590

It was a blast to me, I needed it. I relaxed, I had just started a new chapter at a new job.

New Job!

The clients loved my team, they immediately loved my work. I was wondering whether they were just joshing me but I felt love for them anyway.

April: Daredevil

gym rat

I started paying attention to my body more. I started loving my job! I signed up for the Miami marathon.

Miami Marathon

I started earning my body with 30 day challenges. Did boxing for the first time and I enjoyed it so much! I hated that I was interested in too many things. I thought that’s why I was so stressed out. I signed up for zip lining for the first time to face my fear of heights. I wanted to learn to let go and I love it. I also started to really appreciate people around me.

May: Challenges

I exercised everyday for at least 1/2 hour and found out that I had 17% body fat. I bought a fitness bike taking after my dad’s cycling hobby. It’s now one of my most treasured possessions.

2012 Jamis Allegro Femme

I ran a great deal. I had went the furthest I’ve ever gone.


I visited my old job and was happy that I didn’t work there anymore. It’s because I realized very few people liked me there and I bided adieu wholeheartedly. Later, I tried a Russian rotten bread beer for the first time. I tried to learn capoeira and appreciated the history.


June: Au naturelle
I went through a natural hair transition:

2012-06-02_1338660908 2012-06-02_1338678594 2012-06-03_1338765059 2012-06-04_1338828833
I ran the pride race again this year beating a personal record.

NYC Pride Run

I beat all my PR this year. I also lost a follower because I ran that race… I still believe that we should just accept people no matter their sexuality. I got to see my aunt get married.



Took watercolor lessons.

Water Color


Bought my first pair of Cole Haans.



Learned a great deal from Gary Mack. Went zip-lining and signed up for a local marathon, another one besides the Miami marathon.

July: Sobriety

Did an entire month of sobriety.  Someone accused me of bullying fat people, it was hilarious! I wrote about the fat topic in a response. Found out my ex boyfriend since 4 years ago had plotted to have me beaten up. His ex girlfriend at the time tried to befriend me (which was short lived because I’m hardly ever friends with girls, she’s a talented comedian though). Started doing 60 day challenges in motivate and get in shape group which became super fun. I really enjoyed boxing classes:


August: Affairs of the heart

Bought myself a pull-up bar.

2012-08-08_1344384718 2012-08-08_1344391939 2012-08-11_1344648587

I overslept on my first race.

2012-08-24_1345773489 2012-08-25_1345864446 2012-08-25_1345901278 2012-08-25_1345911991

I also signed up for a race with the guy I was dating. Also convinced him to runs marathon with me.

I biked 20 miles on my own:

2012-08-26_1345991883 2012-08-26_1345991913 2012-08-26_1345991995 2012-08-26_1345999332 2012-08-26_1345982782

I read fifty shades of gray and committed literary suicide (after wondering where I could find a mr. Grey). By dating the perfect guy I realized that he’s not so perfect (but that’s months later…). It was very nice to have him in my life. He balanced my life a great deal.

September: Growth
2012-09-14_1347651769 2012-09-20_1348178802 2012-09-23_1348409210
I did a 30-day challenge of push-ups, also had no coffee for 30 days. My boyfriend at the time saw me run. I was so happy that he made it to my race. He was the first person to ever come out to my race. I think from now on I’d love spectators. There’s just something about running for a purpose.

October: Enlightenment

I tried a Paleo diet.

2012-10-02_1349190708 2012-10-02_1349215849 2012-10-03_1349230364 2012-10-03_1349266365   2012-10-04_1349353962 2012-10-05_1349436973   2012-10-07_1349639715 2012-10-08_1349696960 2012-10-10_1349827789 2012-10-10_1349868462

I ran my first race with my then boyfriend. It was fun and I hope that whosoever I end up with in the future will be as active and into fitness as I am. Sandy also occurred and I was humbled by how fragile New York could be. I was stuck in Maryland for a few days after running The Glo Run, with my then boyfriend, and I appreciated the fact that I lived alone.

2012-10-27_1351372070 2012-10-27_1351372467 2012-10-27_1351372646 2012-10-27_1351377482 2012-10-29_1351468983

I met Calvin Lee @mayhemstudios. He was surprised that I was tall in person.


November: Dreams of a marathoner

I exercised my right to vote. Tried a yoga per day challenge for the month of November mostly for my group on facebook: 30 for 30 fit.

Yoga per day

I ran a marathon and made it in 4 hours 18 minutes.

2012-11-18_1353238867  2012-11-18_1353268759 2012-11-19_1353291674 2012-11-19_1353363014 2012-11-21_1353464306

Then I hurt myself a week later from patella tendonitis with anterior knee pain. My quads are stronger than my hamstrings. I realized that I had to stop training with my personal trainer and I start physical therapy because I am still going to do that marathon in Miami. I felt accomplished and I will forever applaud anyone who has attempted a marathon.

I spent quality time with my niece and sister <3. Family is so important.

December: Single and seeking religion
I started experimenting with a new type of illustration on my iPad:

2012-12-06_1354821545 2012-12-06_1354823093 2012-12-07_1354850708 2012-12-09_1355024870 2012-12-12_1355284585 2012-12-14_1355445480

I started physical therapy:

2012-12-07_1354845062 2012-12-14_1355518766 2012-12-15_1355603742
I became single shortly after discovering some sort of spirituality. I went back to my “home” in St. Croix to transition from breakup to being an eligible bachelorette.

2012-12-16_1355686231 2012-12-16_1355702147 2012-12-17_1355704234

I realized I only loved like this once in my life so I’m not prepared to do it again as yet. I’m still not sure where I stand on religion but I seem to be learning a great deal. Although I fear introducing this topic to my blog, I believe that it’s a personal journey and I’m quite content with where I am currently. I’m constantly challenged and I do believe that I’ll be considered a heretic eventually, but for now, I’m quite amused by the events around attending church and reading the bible. If its worth anything, I thoroughly enjoy challenging and discussing it. As a scholar, I can’t consider being anything than apathetic agnostic, so that’s where I am. I just believe that I don’t know everything, it’s difficult to determine whether any religion is right or wrong—no matter how much people will try to indoctrinate me. Just a few days prior, I went to a church where I couldn’t enter without wearing a very long skirt (I met a cousin who found my blog)… then the day after I went to the church that i frequent with acceptable conservative dressing:

viewer-1 viewer-2

One thing’s for sure: I’ll always be moral. As for being single, well that’s not abnormal of my lifestyle, and well, who knows, maybe I’ll find love in 2013 (or just be fabulously single as usual). I’m always very optimistic about it. I realize that I can’t plan or control matters of the heart no matter how I feel at a given time. You can change or the person can change. I’m not sure what the future holds for me, or my ex, but I’m happy that I went through it. As of now, I’m not prepared to be married or have a family as many of my peers were this year. I also learned to take no one’s advice on relationships because everyone just gives advice based on their own experiences and what’s right for them. I still struggle to find what’s right for me but it’s my own journey.

I can say this: 2013 is going to be my fittest year ever if all goes well and I’m continually blessed. Check 30 for 30 fit for updates as I try to make 2013 my fittest year ever. Now it’s less than a month until my second marathon.


Love you, hope your new year is fullfilling!

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