It’s only a couple of months later. Initially this marathon was all about me pushing my mind and body to a level I’d never been to but in retrospect, I want it to mean even more.

I was able, with assistant from peers and coworkers, raise some money for Girls on the Run at the last marathon. This time around, there’s no charity but that’s ok. I’m still running for women. For all women who think they can’t because I first thought that I couldn’t.  What I want everyone to know that running this isn’t impossible if you have limbs (even if you’re in a wheelchair, there are people who will be racing in those). A marathon covers 26.2 miles. No matter what, the women I’m running with have one goal in mind: to finish. Why? Well, everyone who participates and completes it gets a medal so why won’t you crawl if possible? You have 7 hours before the course closes.

I’m not sure whether Miami marathon will be my last but I know that, God-willing, I intend to show everyone else what else isn’t impossible. I didn’t have the months to train like he last one but I have determination on my side even if I had an injury.

Pain has gone away but regardless of my knee being strapped up for the race, I intend to finish.


We have one body, take care of it. It can do more than you can ever imagine.

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