I was working on this list for a few weeks/months now and I finally consolidated it to 30. Thanks so much to those of you who gave me suggestions. I tried to set some goals that were going to be challenging for me (isn’t that the point?) so I that I could spend some time reflecting on them on my blog. I also chose some that would let me get out of my apartment and explore before I allow life to just pass me by. So here are my 30 things (Credit: The images are not mine, I just googled and came across images sorry):

1. Skydive Status:  Completed
I’m going to be scared as hell because I’m afraid of heights. If you met me, you’d never thought I was. I ride the fastest roller coasters and try to push myself to get used to heights as much as I can. I really hope I don’t chicken out…

2. Learn CPR
If I can save a life, why wouldn’t I? Plus it would be useful for number 29.

3. Volunteer at a homeless shelter
The thing is, I hate when food is wasted. I know how it feels to not know where your next meal comes from. I also believe in giving back so if I can help out with handing out food to those who are hungry by sacrificing some time, I’m going to do that.

4. Sub 4 a marathon. Status:  Completed
marathonMy last marathon was ran in 4 hours and 1 minute because I was injured and miserable. This time, I’d like to complete one without stopping and while I definitely believe I can sub 4. A marathon is tough on the body and it’s incredible to me that I did 2, which I’m happy about however, I really wanted to run under 4 hours.

5. Complete a triathlon…
Well, as soon as I get swimming lessons done since I need to learn techniques to make me faster, I’d love to do a triathlon. I’ve only swam of leisure and scuba diving. It would be awesome to be considered a triathlete. Since I don’t have children, this would be a great time to do events like this.

6. Pay off loans. Status: Completed
This is a goal that I feel is almost unattainable but I’m going to try my darnedest… Mmm I need more mullah… lottery?

7. Fall in love. Status: Completed
loveI never thought that in my late 20s I would reach an epiphany that I’d never been in love. I love things, I love running, I love my family, I love my career but I’ve never honestly loved romantically. Sure, I’ve been in relationships but I don’t think I ever understood the concept of love or the idea of abandonment of all rational to hurt, to ache, to long, to be raw and just fall. I’ve never allowed myself so, this time, I will try my best. I want to thank Gary Mack for the suggestion of finding someone to experience my 30 things with. That would be amazing if I find someone along the way. It’s just that I always though of partnership on a practical level so if there’s excess weight they had to go. However, relationships can’t be like that of course.

8. Publish a book…
ebookWell, it’s an e-book. Almost done. It’ll be cheap… So purchase it when it comes out, I’d love you for it.

9. Design an app.
appsI’d like to code it also but designing it will be just fine.

10. Change someone’s life:  Status: Completed
changeEveryone you meet influences you. I’d like to influence someone’s life in a positive way before I’m 30—or, maybe a few people. If I’ve changed your life significantly, let me know.

11. Make a genuine new friend.

friendsI’ve struggled with the new friendships I started post high school because I met so many people in NYC that can’t be trusted. I would really love to make a genuine new friend who I’d have an incredible time growing together with. The last really close girlfriend that I had ended up being jealous of me for years that she knew me. It’s not fair to live like that… Not knowing. I’ve also had recent girlfriends who end up not being their own individuals, it’s annoying to be copied. Maybe this will work with number 10.

12.  Develop defined abdominals…
absIn progress.

13. Do a split.

Can you believe I’m the only female in my family who can’t do a split? Now you know.

14. Read an entire book in Spanish…
princeBesides the cat in the hat. My coworker Queenie suggested El el principito. Downloaded it from amazon, so it’s in progress.

15. Complete another Tough Mudder. Status:  Completed

This time I want to try all the obstacles. The last time, my punk ass didn’t do the tunnels because I hate tight closed spaces. Early August in Vermont :).

16. Take a ferry to Staten Island. Status: CompletedstatenWell, if I get into the NYC marathon, I don’t need to do this. However, I’ve never been to Staten Island so it would be nice to have gone to all boroughs.

17. Snowboard… Completed
snowboardI’ve had numerous opportunities but I’ve no idea why it’s not at the top of my list. I guess I’m into other sports.

18. Go to a Scandinavian country…
Self-explanatory, I need to go to a country where the language is so bizarre that I understand absolutely nothing. Not even a spec of Latin roots. I’d honestly love to visit Johanna in Sweden.

19. Try frog legs… Status: Completed
You’d think that since frog legs are a delicacy in my country I would have had it already, but I haven’t. I heard it tastes like chicken.

20.  Take a tap dancing class in NYC!
Yes I will! I haven’t taken one since college.

21. Go to the Statue of Liberty.
I should attempt one touristy thing eventually… I live here and I don’t even attempt to go.

22. Bike to Greenwood cemetery Status: Completed
I heard that it’s beautiful. I used to be phased out by cemeteries because I lived relatively close to one that I had to pass by daily. However, I saw photos of this and I thought it would be interesting to take photos of it.

23. Throw a house party.
partySigh. I’ve never thrown a house-warming party. Why start now right? This is challenging for me because people will soon realize that I’m actually a hermit/recluse.

24. Sell some artwork. Status:  Completed
You’d never believe it but I actually draw. You can let me know if you’re interested of course.

25. Sustain a 5k at 6′ 30.”
I’m definitely close. I hope to sustain this on the track by end of summer, cross fingers.

26. Do 25 unassisted pull-ups.
Self-explanatory, but I just want to meet a random male gym rat and claim to be a bigger beast than he is… Friendly competition.

27. Hit on a random guy at a bar. Completed
So, I’ve only done this once and it was a thrill. Why not? You only live once. Mind you, I said hit on one, not sleep with one. I bet regrettable judgments occur once someone’s inebriated.

28. Drop to 11% body fat.
I don’t need to but I want to. My closest ever was 16% without paying attention, so imagine if I did. Life is all about challenges.

29. Get personal trainer certified.
If I’m passionate about working out, I don’t see why I shouldn’t get personal training certified. It will help me correct exercise form and help create workout plans for peers and potential clientele since I spend time in the gym anyway. I try anything that I’m interested in, I’m sure that most people don’t know that I’m a certified scuba diver and a licensed bartender.

30. Figure out whether I’ll buy a house.

I’ve wanted to live in New York since I was 7 years old. However, I never thought about purchasing a house here… Just living here. So, I’d like to know by the time that I’m 30, whether I should have my Eurotrip for the next decade or live in the U. S.jerlynthomas

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    Really nice article and good luck!

    1. jerlyn


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