Oh boy, I thought it was funny that this was one of the easiest things to cross off my 30 things before 30 list.

So I wanted to try this again because I did it once before. I thought it would be challenging (because I tend to be an introvert) but I’m really good at it. Of course I didn’t intend to take the person home so I hit on guys while in VT this past weekend. I thought it was a perfect opportunity only because I stood out. Seriously, a tall, Caribbean, afro girl who completed a tough mudder who was dancing in a bar… scene. I spotted many that I found interesting, too bad no one lived near to NYC enough for me to “get to know.”

The night started off high: I danced with some cute, very fit guy who would totally be my type, then, ended low: Because of my curiosity and ability to make almost everyone talk, I was able to have him disclose everything short of his social security number by the end of the night from his life stories. Then, I bided him adieu. He told me about his recent split with his girlfriend 10 years his senior who didn’t want him to be the baby-daddy of her kid so she aborted it… then he got so wasted that I had to walk him halfway to his hotel to ensure he made it home safe.

When I returned to my quarters, I found a text message from him telling me he would like to return. I told him that it wasn’t a good idea since he was inebriated (C’mon dignity people, dignity). However, I invited him to breakfast the following morning if he desired.

The next morning, he hadn’t responded. However, I saw him walked into the café where we were getting breakfast. The atmosphere was stifling with awkwardness from him. I was standing in the same line that he was. So I said, “So, why didn’t you return my text about breakfast?” He responded, “I can’t find my phone anywhere.” He looked like he wanted to disappear. I smiled, I thought about calling it so he would continue the lie but decided not to bother.

The thing is, that night: we both had different agendas. I wanted to “hit on a guy at a bar,” well, you know what he wanted :). Let men do the chasing.

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