So I truly debated this, you know, whether I fell in love or not. This was the first year in a very long time that I had a boyfriend on Valentine’s day or around my birthday. By the way, let me apologize now because this entry is also super candid and I apologize but, I did say I’d write about every item on the 30 things to do before I’m 30 list.

Falling in love

So, falling in love—I had the most fun in a very long time that ended terribly, and hopefully haven’t scarred me, in the last few weeks (I’ll talk to someone if that’s the case).  If some of you didn’t know, my birthday was two weeks ago and while it started incredibly, it ended with me fearing for my life.

I allowed myself to be completely vulnerable for a little over a month. I went on a date with a very nice young man. I learned about him, got introduced to his family and we were looking forward to doing things together such as writing new lists for when we both turned 30, races that we’d run (yes, he wanted to run races with me) and even the possibility of meeting my family (I’ve only introduced one guy to my family). He had a young son, which I was fine with me (I absolutely love children) and we spent time sharing stories that were quite similar to each other (he had a rough life growing up and was an outlier and we both lost our 19-year-old younger brother). We were both around the same age, which I’m not used to dating (can’t find the right formula of maturity apparently).

Anyway, we had a sort of fast-paced, honeymoon of complete reckless abandon, not on my part mostly because I’m usually super cautious with my heart, but, for once, I jumped. He got lots of points for volunteering during a race with me, working out with me (he’s a basketball player and if you guys didn’t know, I LOVED playing growing up) and we just enjoyed talking. He was exceptionally brilliant, I adore brilliance. We even had a song! I swear it was like high school again and I hadn’t felt butterflies for anyone in such a long time (It was fun).

Then it ended. I’m still fortunate to have met him.
That was my falling in love story.

P. S. I swear the first draft of this had so much detail but it just seemed pointless when I reread it. I much prefer the succinct version.

I’ll say this though:
After listening to other peers in relationships in the past few weeks, I’m quite content of where I’m in life in that area. I still can’t take advice from others because it’s their perspective of what’s right for them. I’ve never thought about the future of my dating life when I was younger. It was always about my craft/profession. It still is. Relationships are so distracting although necessary. To care for someone is rewarding to me. For now, I care about my family and friends. As for love, one day it might happen, or not. I’m still quite alright with that. It always will come to an end—eventually.

I’m also considering that there’s still many months before I’m 30. So, did I really fall in love :)? Gosh these updates are too far apart, I’ve got to tackle the rest of my list!

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