I’m starting to move away a little from the Sanzaru concept by focusing more on what my pens and markers are doing. Of course I started doing these thinking that I’ll have to fund my signing up for races habit but I’m starting to fall in love with simply drawing them—well, the entire process actually. I’ve decided to share the supplies that I’ve used below if you would like to try them out yourself. The markers are pricey, that’s why I have some limits.

By the way, I still owe you guys an entry about my visit to the Dominican Republic and a few experiences I’ve had over the past months. I’ll try my best.

Anyway, I tend to start these illustrations by sketching them on the train when I get the chance. My commute takes me about 40 minutes from door-to-door but I get to do these if I get a seat.


Then they are inked and refined. I don’t spend much time on these now but the future ones will be better (I intend to sell those). I might also not do them on my commute so that I have more control. The best way to see them is upclose though. The silver pen that I use makes it pop. It’s actually just a uniball which you can get here Individually or maybe cheaper for the 12 pens per Pack.


Then they turn into these.


I’ve also discovered that I’m doing some purely for fun. I might do a series of children characters:


But I prefer these more adult ones:


I’m really liking this new palette so I might be selling these soon.

Glasses Girl

Not sure how much to charge but I’m opened to suggestions, or ask if you’d like any (about 4×6″)!

As for material. I absolutely wish I could afford ShinHan Touch Twin Markers but I use Prismacolor Premier Double Ended Art Markers, 48 Colored Markers(3611).

I’m drawing on Canson Multi Media Paper Pad, 60 Pages. It’s 7x10inches and this is the first time that I’ve actually worked so hard to fill up a sketchbook.

I’m also experimenting with Sharpie Pen that I love getting as gifts (hint hint).

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