For the first time in my life ever, I had to call 911 to remove information from someone who was harassing me. I’m writing this entry because this is the 2nd time in my life that someone has willfully went out of their way to intentionally harm me (the first was someone trying to call me the n-word). I won’t tolerate bullies and this has gone overboard. It should have just ended at the text messages but it escalated to my number being posted online for a group with over 300+ people and I had to call the cops. The text exchange was so ridiculous over something that was supposed to be simple. However, you can’t argue with immature people and I constantly fall into the trap. That’s my downfall and I’m owning it.

I’ll be honest, I did care about the future interactions that I would have had with this person that’s why I kept texting initially but I realized later that we don’t have friendships in the future.

I unfollowed this person that I met last year. He’s a great runner and I admired (still do) his ability to push himself to be a strong athlete. However, last month he happened to be one of the people that I decided to unfollow because of social network redundancy (followed him on Instagram and Facebook so I kept him on Facebook). It was easier to keep him on Facebook because I can filter his content where I’ll see them only if I cared to.

In all honesty, I was just not interested in his posts anymore because I started to follow people who were inspirational or who were artists and his was predictable. He also didn’t really engage with any of my posts so why care about having that ecosystem. He also had this elitist view of running and immaturity about how others lived their life that I found quite exhausting.

So, I weeded him out (I’ve been weeding out negativity as I approach 30). However, he had my number and I could most certainly see him at running events. As soon as I unfollowed him, he texted me.

Now, this has happened before earlier in the year when I unfollowed him and a few of his friends. They all use a tracking app to see who followed and unfollowed them. They all commented about me unfollowing them. All this is bizarre to me, and not to mention absolutely narcissistic, and a waste of time. If you’re not engaging with your 1,000+ people that you’re following, why would you care if one unfollows you? However, I followed again when they spoke to me. It’s true I didn’t know them all well yet and it was possible that I was making a rash decision from first impression. Which, I agree often isn’t the best way to make friends but I didn’t know these people. I’m used to a small circle and meeting more and more folks was again, abit exhausting since I know you can’t get along with every personality within a group. Months later, all my epiphany pointed to a few of them not being people I’d be best friends with but simply acquaintances.

As soon as I unfollowed him, he sent me a text: “You unfollowed me again !? Smh #okbye” followed by a night of stress.

Anyway, calling 911. How did that happen?
I started posting hi res photos for everyone’s use that I take from running events. I decided not to place a watermark on it just in case they wanted to print it. Sure, I could do what marathon photo does and charge everyone per pic but I thought since I get to practice and people get free photos it’ll be a win-win. All I asked was, if the photos were reposted anywhere that they credit my Instagram, Twitter or domain (

People get good, edited, hi res photos which they can print, alter etc… and me, the artist, gets free advertising of her craft/hobby. I think that’s absolutely fair.

Until him…


I decided not to mention his name on here because I’ll be doing exactly what he did to me. However, I’ll keep the screenshot with his name on it. It’ll also look super petty.

He reposted the pic with no credit but I would not have known about it either if he hadn’t tagged it with the running group’s hashtag (which shows up in the feed). I knew only one person who reposted it prior and I was tagged so I was curious about who else had. It was him, the guy I unfollowed. So, I commented “🙂 please repost with credit, Thank you.” He responded with a snooty comment, “@jerlynthomas i can’t tag people on instagram thats not following me.” Right.

If you’re following people on instagram, that’s how their handles show up, not the other way around. He knows exactly how my name spells so it shouldn’t take that long. Anyway, instead of writing that on his photo, I texted him. I don’t like airing out dirty laundry for public consumption and I’ve avoided it until now.

I’m not trying to start shit with you today.” I messaged. “I’m over it but i explicitedly said you have to give credit if the hi res is reposted. We aren’t friends, I owe you nothing and I’ll just contact IG if you can’t follow instructions.

I had went through exchanges of messages prior to this situation and he had kept me up and it went nowhere. Arguing with him is annoying and he’s so immature that I just can’t. He doesn’t reason with anyone and he involves lots of people to fight his battles.

Weeks prior, he had spent hours harassing me because of the unfollowing that I didn’t want a redo… Which unfortunately happened again last night. Instead, he chose to be rude and immature (something that majority of the people know about him). I’m still angry that these messages spanned from 7:50PM while I was at the swimming pool until 3AM the following morning.

d: Lol 7:50 PM
d: Ok 7:50 PM
d: Do that 7:50 PM
d: Wow photo cred smh -too funny 8:00 PM
d: How are you on my Ig? 8:02 PM

d: Let’s see what Ig have to say about a picture that i’m sitting right in the center of -have a good day 

I went on to explained that I edited it, posted it and it doesn’t matter if you’re in the center.

d:  1) I dont care 2) I’m too tired to read all this so ill just delete it 3)well there is no 3 I have nothing else to say I’ve never credited people for pics and won’t start now its not that serious who cares even if I wanted to you’re not my IG friend so I would have to type your full ig name and thats too much work 9:48 PM
More words were exchanged that he didn’t care about and he said:
d: Don’t you have some (“hear no evil,” “speak no evil,” “see no evil”) to draw? go do that stop texting me “artist” 11:13 PM
Further then:
d: Im gonna screen shot everything you text me 11:20 PM
d: And let the public decide who’s the asshole 11:21 PM
Me: Do it. I said nothing wrong :). I believe in Karma. 11:21 PM
Me: Hope you screen shot all the shit you said to me also. 11:22 PM
d: Cause if you scroll back up I didn’t say anything to you really 11:22 PM
Me: And yea, maybe this time you’ll tag me in it. Guess what, when you post things that harass people on ig, your profile will definitely get reasons to be deleted. 11:22 PM
Me: I said everything that I wanted to say. You’re not a good person, so whatever karma you get from now on, you deserve it. Have a great night. 11:23 PM
d: I’m posting this whole conversation on the nycinstarunners page to show people how rude you think I am 11:26 PM
Me: Do it 11:26 PM
Me: Then, I’m contacting facebook and saying harassment. which will have your profile deleted. I don’t use my accounts to harass people. That’s why I texted you since this is a person to person convo 11:27 PM
When I wake up first thing 11:27 PM
Me: Also, everyone will see your maturity. Goodnight. 11:27 PM
d: It’s comedy to me 11:27 PM
Me: Again, you’re a kid. 11:27 PM
Me: Good, because only someone with a kid mentality would find it funny. POST it! 11:27 PM
Me: Make sure you tag me in it also because apparently all 300+ members know both you and I and need to be involved in this conversation. Idiot. 11:28 PM
However, instead of posting the screenshot with just texts he added the screenshot with my number on it.
Me: DELETE that off facebook! My number is on there! 12:36 AM
d: You delete it 12:39 AM
Me: AGAIN, please remove the screenshot with my number in it. 12:39 AM 
I sent that message 11 times.
Me: You could have blocked out my number when you posted this. 1:17 AM
Me: This is the harassment! 1:17 AM
d: You can make yourself sound like a victim all you want .just remember all those crazy text you just sent me and how much I’ve responded back 2:19 AM
d: And I will find a way to make everyone notice what you did 2:19 AM
d: Those text messages are saved 2:20 AM
(Apparently he thinks saved messages are just one-sided).
Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 12.36.43 AM
In between here, I had to call the cops to ask them to file a report on him.
d: I’ve taken soooo much picture for nycinstarunners that people reposted 2:26 AM
Me: Who cares. I posted that disclaimer now. It was new. 2:27 AM
d: I’ve never contacted anyone 2:27 AM
d: But you had to be the 1 2:27 AM
Me: You do what YOU want, I do what I want with my property. Everyone else agreed with it 2:27 AM
Me: I’m not you! Get that ! 2:27 AM
Me: Goodbye! I fucking hate you 2:27 AM
Me: Don’t want to even see your ass anymore. Lose my number, I won’t be contacting you further 2:28 AM
d: No they don’t im texting a whole group of people right now that thinks you’re ridiculous 2:28 AM
Me: Yes because that’s what you do with your free time 2:29 AM
Me: Don’t contact me anymore 2:29 AM
d: Oh ok 2:29 AM
d: That’s nice 2:29 AM
d: My free time I go to some random race that I didn’t even race take pictures of a group post it and ask everyone to give me “credit” 2:30 AM
(By the way, he doesn’t pay for majority of his races and runs under lots of people’s bibs. I’m surprised that NYRR hasn’t caught on as yet.)
d: Your lawyer can kiss my balls goodnight 2:32 AM
Me: Go to your group chat, stop texting me. You’re a horrible person I’m so happy that I no longer have you in my ecosystem. 2:33 AM
d: I loooooved the picture but I’m not gonna do what you tell me to do -I do what I want 2:33 AM
d: You never did Dumbass 2:34 AM
Me: Lol of course I’m dumb, like you 2:34 AM
d: This is the funniest night ever I’ve never laughed so hard 2:38 AM
Me: Just remember, I contacted you directly for this incident. You chose to include everyone because you can’t stand on your own. At 2am you’re telling me that you and your minions have nothing better to do? I wonder what they call that. Of course it’s fucking hilarious. Anyway this is done. 2:38 AM
d: You’re officially crazy in my book 2:38 AM
Me: I don’t care 2:38 AM
d: Than you 2:38 AM
Me: You’re immature. You’re not the kind of ppl I associate with. It’s sad because I actually thought you were worth being admired but you’re just an asshole 2:39 AM
Me: You VIOLATED my privacy. Understand that 2:39 AM
Me: Anyway you’re blocked here also. I have too much good going on in my life right now to care about you. Karma. 2:40 AM
d: I just forwarded all your messages to everyone 2:46 AM
d: So you was doing most of the talking 2:46 AM
Me: Who cares? What is it going to do? 2:47 AM
d: While we laugh at all the crazy things you had to say 2:47 AM
Me: I don’t have their number so they are just having 1 part of the story. 2:47 AM
Me: Good for them, make me important 🙂 2:47 AM
d: So you was the host of tonights show 2:47 AM
d: Nothing 2:47 AM
d: Just entertainment 2:47 AM
d: You’re nobody 2:48 AM
Me: Thank you, I’ve never been such a central spotlight in my entire life. I don’t even know who you are forwarding it to. It’s not like I talk to them. 2:48 AM
d: Well they read your Ig post and all the text you sent me 2:49 AM
d: And nothing you said on ig makes sense 2:49 AM
d: You just crazy 2:49 AM
d: Im sure I’m not the first to tell you that 2:50 AM
d: Go get help Jerlyn 2:50 AM
d: Seriously 2:50 AM
d: Go see someone 2:51 AM
d: Now I can’t sleep cause you’re still texting 3:01 AM
d: That will all be hold against you 3:02 AM
Me: Yea and hopefully you have all those with me asking you to take my number off the site. I also asked you to stop contacting me. I don’t know where you want this to go Dave. You’re just beating on a dead horse right now. 3:02 AM
d: Its 3:02AM 3:02 AM
d: Its been 4hrs 3:02 AM
d: And you’re still texting 3:02 AM
d: Bye 3:02 AM
Me: You’re the one texting and probably blame your group chat. QUIT TEXTING ME 3:02 AM
d: Stop texting me!!! 3:02 AM
That was that. That was the end. The most immature text message exchange I’ve ever had and I hope to no longer encounter anyone like this ever in my life again.
This guy was supposed to run a 2:40 marathon this year. I was cheering him on for that.
To be honest, I could care less about people like this. I’ve lost all respect.
Once again, despite this exchange, this spanned from me asking to be credited as an artist when you repost my work.
My text messages could be reposted as freedom of speech but posting my number, in my opinion, is still criminal. After I asked facebook to remove the photo and I asked a few people in the group to report it as well. Facebook sent me this:
Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 8.21.46 AM
Later that day, I met with a follower from my instagram and we happen to be mutual social network buddies. We both hadn’t ever met her. However, she let me know that he had called her prior late at night venting about me. Why would anyone call someone that they never met to slander their name?
While we were out, he called her and he spoke to her about me while I was right there. Also, chose not to meet with her because I was still around. Spineless.
This is the story and I posted this mostly because I posted about the 911 call and my friends were concerned. I freaked out because my number was out there for over 300+ people to see. If this guy had done this, I wouldn’t be surprised if he would do other things to make me feel unsafe. He had stayed over at my place before with a fellow runner so he knows where I live and again, I wouldn’t put it past him to do anything else.
In the end, when you’re gifted, it triggers lots of insecurities and jealousy in others. From our exchange, many people assumed we dated or were at one point interested in each other. There was NEVER any romantic involvement between us. I always saw him as a younger brother with silly antics but now he’s just very arrogant and wants to be the center of the attention. He can have it.
Often people will try to say you’re crazy, you’re nobody and do things like this to break you. I won’t be broken by things like this ever. I’ve gone through worse.

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