I’m running a marathon in less 4 days. It’ll be my 5th. It was quite a journey to get here and with each marathon, comes reflection. I’m even emotional while writing this. This is probably going to be my most significant marathon distance (including training, I’ve covered more than 8 marathon distances in one take).

I said I would never have ran a marathon, but I had been curious, so I started following a schedule a few years ago. I was recruited by my aunt to run one in Miami, which actually became my second marathon because I had wanted a preview of things to come so I did a marathon a couple months prior.

If I had been able to talk to that version of myself, I would’ve probably taken it easy but from someone who is currently stronger with 2 ultra marathons under her belt in less than one year, I think by now my body’s used to the challenge.


I ran Brooklyn Marathon in prospect park for the 7 loops. I remember that feeling of wear and tear and emotions past mile 22. It’s something that I’ve never quite gotten used to. It’s always a struggle between my body and my mind. I might consider avoiding loops from now on but my first ultra was loops, and so will my 3rd.

miami When I ran Miami Marathon (sorry marathonfoto), I learned how it was to run through pain which I promised to never do again. Since then, I’ve focused on getting stronger with every race. Since those marathons, I also did two tough mudders and a Ragnar relay.

Jerlyn and the space suit

I also ran Space Coast Marathon which taught me how to be super discipline and train for a specific goal.

When I ran San Francisco earlier this year, it taught me how to not make that distance intimidate me and I could enjoy a marathon, stop to use the bathroom and still sub 4.

Now why is NYC so important?
NYC is the city that I’ve been fighting with to make my home for the past seven years. It’s also the only place I’ve wanted to live since I was seven years old. Also, I wrote an entry about the seven year itch that we’ve bonding over and the doubts in my mind of why I’d like to remain here.

Running this marathon signifies how I’ve matured in the eve of my 30th year and learned how to love life despite agonies that I’ve experienced through friendships, relationships and work over the past few years. It made me refocus on what actually matters in life and how to truly live fully. It will also signify a new chapter in my life that I’m looking forward to if everything works out.

I also trained for a goal, despite whether or not I make it, I feel confident that I can have a second chance where I can improve on mistakes. This marathon, once again, is also selfless. I wasn’t always a runner, so I’d like to show others that it’s attainable. Running has indeed changed my life. I’m so thankful that I’ll be sharing this moment with people who’ve I’ve met, and have yet to meet, online from NYC and saw their very disciplined journey.

Also one more thing, I’m super honoured to be representing my country at the flagbearer ceremony of nations. I even made my own wob dwiyet:

Wob Dwiyet

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