mineI hate Valentine’s day. No, it’s not the way you think. I hate valentines day the same way I hate Christmas, Thanksgiving (ok, actually I don’t mind the food), and all holidays that need me to do things that I try to avoid planning for (like spending money). So yes, I hate Valentine’s day.

However, I fucking love chocolate, the colour red, roses, leaving candy kisses for everyone and doing that dorky thing where I ask, “do you want a kiss?” To see reactions… Then I hand them the tiny Hershey’s Kisses chocolate with a grin (I’m childish).

I love that the day usually feels cold to force you to warm up. I admire couples while they embrace each other, not necessarily in my way, throughout the city. I still think the coolest gift anyone has ever gotten me was a gold covered rose.


I also love drawing silly hearts and wishing everyone have a wonderful time… Only 2 more weeks to go!

What will you be doing for Valentine’s Day?

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