I do random things… Like write post notes that read: “Happy Monday, I resigned” on my social network then watch people freak out about it. It certainly wasn’t intentional, I didn’t expect that people would assume that I had quit with absolutely no plans. So they were also surprised that I had a job a week after I had fulfilled my 2 week notice.

Yea, I am certain that some of us dream of “socking it to the man,” by tossing papers on the floor, turning over the desk and storming out the door. Well, 1. You won’t get a severance and 2. That only shows your inability to handle stressful situations. Besides, I need “the man” to pay my bills. I’ve always had a job since 14 years old so it’s just weird for me to not work. In the grand scheme of things, my previous job wasn’t at all bad. I did neither of those things and someone would be more than happy to have that very place.

It was just time.

In January when I had the epiphany that I couldn’t manage my schedule with my new accounts and have a race schedule to create a balance, I also realized that my position had remained unchanged for the duration of my presence at the company. So I started looking and while I illustrated for an author, I refocused my passions.* During that time, I had done jury duty for 2 weeks, turned 30 and went on vacation. These past few months have been a rollercoaster of the most exhilarating experiences I’ve ever had in my life. I felt like I aged in experience and gained a tremendous amount of confidence à la balls.
In my industry people move around often. That’s the only way you get significant raises or gain the experience for the next step. If you have to know, I left mostly because of inadequate room for growth. I finally hadn’t been overlooked for a raise. I had been there for a little over 3 years (longest relationship I’ve ever had). I had maximized my time spent by learning as much as I could from my managers (will choose to apply a few to my next experience). When you’ve reached your peak and you have skill-sets that aren’t being used, you feel stifled. So yea, time to go—like an unwelcome guest. However, I’m so going to miss my team.
Of course it’s difficult to write these things with the mindset that I have to be tactful, I used to fantasize about being at a place for decades like the generations before me (I don’t know how they did it). I am certainly proud for many things that I did there:
– I was the first black creative (Sr. Art director) in over 45 years (female and from the Caribbean, I feel like a pioneer).
– My design got a standing ovation from the reps when I first designed their digital platform for the iPad
– My work was constantly recycled and re-skinned
– I was seen as good at what I do (and that’s all I want)
Now I started this new job, and although it has only been one day, it’s definitely different than my old one.
I just wanted to give an update and I’d love to share more but as I embark on this journey, I have no idea of what to come. Who knows if it’ll last—all that makes it quite exciting. Stay tuned for other entries I’ve missed. I have to write about the 50 miles that I ran at Bear Mountain and that Ragnar Relay in San Diego.
Thanks so much for the well wishes! I hope that I do you all proud.
*P. S. Prior to quitting. I balanced my accounts and realized I could take a sabbatical to focus on some of my side projects just to make me feel like I was being more creative. I’ll be illustrating about 4 books and I’m really enjoying that.

9 thoughts on “Embark on this journey—I quit.

  1. Shanna

    Looking forward to those four books.

    Self growth, few take on the challenge and others become comfortable. I was in the middle comfortable and wanted growth. I knew my job wanted to keep me at but didn’t want to help me grow. Unfortunately, I turned down outside opportunities and such, in hopes of growth with the company. After Japan, everything change.

    I rather take the challenge than to regret it. Here’s to creating a better future and continuous growth as an individual. 😀 You have a lot of people that cares for you, so your support team is amazing

  2. What’s up 2016! Peace out 2015! |

    […] I quit a job after 3 years where I remained stagnant in my career. I started a new job and then closed the year realizing that I’m a much better freelancer. I went back to “school” and started working on my own company. I ran 4 marathons, 4 ultramarathons (with 50 being the furthest), I finally ran a marathon faster than I expected and did my first triathlon. I also finally met the ONLY guy I’ve dated who has made me feel the most comfortable about being myself and has been the most supportive (YES! A RUNNER, IRONMAN & WORKOUT PARTNER! I love him so much). Hopefully I’ll get to write about him one day. […]

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