This might undeniably be a first world problem post but, I’ll vent.
Dear New Yorkers,
While I might not be tallest female you may have ever seen, I do stand at almost 6 feet and tower most of you. Not only am I not vertically challenged, I’m an athletically built African-American (Caribbean American actually but I’ll generalize here) woman, whom you can’t possibly be missing while you sashay and bustle daily. Thus, I believe that you deliberately run into me during your commute and guess what: you won’t win.
I’ll intentionally stand my ground each and every time you try. To make it even more challenging for you, I’ll continually carry my gym bag packed with my lunch, sneakers and drawing supplies that are durable and have it conveniently safe-guard the area that you target to contact on my person. Yes, I’ll use it as a shield.
I’m hoping that you’ll absent-mindedly be texting away on your iPhone and drop it.
Maybe one day I’ll gain courage and encourage that to occur!
Oh, did I run into you?”
Well, after you’ve conveniently ran into my bag, I’ll say, “Oh, my apologies,” or “I’m sorry.” Just to make you think that I care but in reality, I’m laughing at another sucker who wasn’t watching where he, or she, is walking. But wait, how do I know that you haven’t really seen me?
Ladies and gentlemen, I’m a tall, athletically built, black woman in NYC. I can’t be missed!
After weeks of this social experiment of actually observing interactions with people in the city. I had to write this. WHY, oh why, would you run into someone walking with two heavy bags?

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