What’s up 2016! Peace out 2015!

Here we go again, another yearly round-up (I’ve been doing these since 2008 you can see the previous ones: 2008,20092010, 20112012, 2013 & 2014). This has been the best year of my life despite the nutty things that happened. Unfortunately, we did lose my 2nd grandfather this year—RIP daddy sparrow—I really wish that time allowed me to see him another time before he had passed.

I went back to Facebook to find some of these that I forgot, you guys wonder why I post so much—it’s because I have a terrible memory.

ThankYouI made 30 this year and before I post the infographic this is the group that I want to thank (in no particular order): Emily, Dee, Steph M., Gardenia, Jessica, Lee, Gee, Beth-Ann, Lynda, Julian, Larry, Daniil, Arthur, Frank A, Frank F, Miguel, Ronald, José, Lauren, Jacri, Jackson, Joy, Mark, Martha, Richard, Joycelyn, Kentom, Skyler, James, Delia, Carl, Janel, Nkoli, Angie, Christine, Hilary, Arlene, Vlad, Ryan, Stalina, Jerlie Beanz, Corey, Chemda, Justin, Elaine, Christian and everyone else who taught this was a super great idea and just wanted to be a part of it!

I did a trip this year #thebig30bdaytrip and you guys sponsored me to go to the airport, choose a country out of 3 and book a flight. I left immediately and landed in Antigua. That trip made me realize how fucking blessed I was for having people (even just followers from my Instagram!) in my life that cared about me. It also made turning 30 so memorable. I also decided to pay it forward continually, as long as I am able.

usquit a job after 3 years where I remained stagnant in my career. I started a new job and then closed the year realizing that I’m a much better freelancer. I went back to “school” and started working on my own company. I ran 4 marathons, 4 ultramarathons (with 50 being the furthest), I finally ran a marathon faster than I expected and did my first triathlon. I also finally met the ONLY guy I’ve dated who has made me feel the most comfortable about being myself and has been the most supportive (YES! A RUNNER, HALF IRONMAN & WORKOUT PARTNER! I love him so much). Hopefully I’ll get to write about him one day.

I really hope that 2016 will continue to give me great adventures. I was very blessed this year despite the things occurring around the world. Thank you! Here’s what I was able to create to document my year—of course more happened but only had time for this!


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