I vent therefore I am

I forgot when I stopped writing frequently. I think I lost interest the day a peer mentioned that I didn’t proofread. I don’t think he knew how condescending that comment was to me at the time. People actually read this?

No, no way, I don’t.

This was my blog.
I had been blogging before blogging was even a term.
“Screw you,” I wanted to say.

He went on to say likened that I had taken English and knew grammar, yada, yada, yada…. I was aware.

I was also aware that it was my least favorite subject at school—long story (It was my junior high teacher and she always gave me A- no matter how hard I worked without ever telling me that it was because I was spelling words the British way. I’m still holding a grudge for that A+. I mean, really? Favorite vs Favourite, color vs colour… I digress. I hope she regrets killing my dreams as an 11-year old Shakespearean).

Proofreading before I hit published just added an extra task for me to do, I lamented silently behind my screen.

I messaged back, “Yea I guess I don’t.”

He made me think though.

In reality, my blog was a place to vent—to rant. It was simply a creative piece of me that I let out often. Let it go into the world. I’m not a writer anyway. I draw things—I’m an artisssssteee.

I started thinking about it again.

I never reread entries that I posted passionately. They were much too emotional. I didn’t want to relive them.

Logging into WordPress, drafting and publishing meant I was screaming it out of me and never having to bring it up again.

I made that mistake of rereading my entries before. I read a year’s worth of them before and gasped in shock throughout of how unfamiliar that author was. I had lost her—the girl I had chosen to refer as third person.

I still refuse to reread.

I choose to vent.

Screw that guy—it’s not like we speak now anyway!

If you actually read this, I don’t particularly care for your grammatical corrections however, I do apologize for any errors my spell check might have missed. Unless you want to voluntarily proofread my book before they are published, I don’t require your services.

More venting to come.

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