How I’m preparing for my next triathlon

So, this is it. The training plan and I have a date next week. Here’s to months of preparing for my next Olympic triathlon. Yea, it’s not a half ironman or anything but, last year I did the NYC triathlon. Although I did just enough to be physically capable of completing the race this year, my goal is to make an effort to set a personal record for myself.

Here are some supplies I got to enable me to do so:

Log book/Training Journal

I recently joined some lovely women at Oiselle as a social running group. I really love the gear and they had a log book. It’s really the most organized log book I’ve seen. I’m really happy that I purchased it. Although I have a Strava account and a Garmin account. The book is helping me visualize future races which are very important to me at the moment. So far, I have a half marathon, a triathlon and a 50 miler for the year that I’m looking forward to. You can purchase the same one I have here.


My plan is to sort all my weekly training outfits on the weekend. That will help me be organized (after all, I’ll be swimming, cycling and running). I’ve used similar eBags for Ragnar races I’ve had and they were exceptional. Here’s where I got mine.

Tiux compression socks

An absolute total plug. My sponsor Tiux, who I’m an ambassador for, provide such amazing socks that I recently got some for my boyfriend’s birthday. Check them out at They have deals once in awhile so feel free to email me to hear of any.

I did mention Oiselle, so I’ll be wearing some pretty awesome training gear while running but since I love running colorful, don’t be surprised if I have brighter outfits that I personal put together. Racing should be fun!

Custom PT & Performance

Having a PT home base is essential to training. I’m fortunate to have NY Custom PT & Performance in my corner again this year. Although PT doesn’t guarantee lack of injuries, doing due-diligence to ensure I recover and avoid those injuries are important.

I’ve also gotten some miscellaneous products such as new running shoes but I’ll review them as training continues so, stay tuned for more updates to my training. I’ve been vlogging on YouTube (crazy right?) to track so subscribe if you care to.

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