One of the most annoying things about attempting to write a memoir is the distractions that I’m getting along the way.

“You should draw instead,” says my mind.

“You were never a good writer. All your English teachers told you this,” says my conscience.

“Remember when that dirtbag told you that your grammar sucks,” it reminds me once more (more about that at a later date).

“F–off!” I wrote an outline today.

Well, I started. I call it a win. Most of the stories have been in my mind and jotted down here and there. So, creating an outline is the affirmation that I’m doing this the right way.

For me, most of my life’s challenges have been to get started. I know that now. I really hope everything’s well-received. However, if it’s not. Who cares? This is how I chose to use my limited time here.

So far, the worse part of writing is when I have such a great story while I’m nodding off to bed. I need to get into the habit of writing it down.

Yesterday I would have written an entry like this but my domains were down. I received an alert that my site was down and was still down by the time I was getting ready for bed. After calling my host, I found out that they didn’t know what was wrong. When I finally looked into it myself, I realized that someone had hacked my website. That was a tangent but it encouraged me to start blogging again which was one of those goals on my 35 before 35, now I can cross that off the list. Thanks, wannabe hacker.

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