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Random fact: This celebrity owns a piece of my art

Day 14 of 28 of my Black History Month drawings on my iPad on my commute highlighting the contributions of people of African descent and their contributions to black history.

Today is about one of my favorites: Viola Davis. Her upbringing resonates with me because she also grew up in poverty. Nonetheless, she prevailed and I’m so grateful that young women can look up to women like her. Here are some amazing facts you might not know about her:

Viola and her husband, Julius Tennon, are the founders of the production company JuVee Productions. They have an adopted daughter Genesis and Viola is the adopted mother of Tennon’s children.

When Viola was two years old, she was taken to jail with her mother who was an activist in the Civil Rights Movement.

“By winning the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for Fences, Davis became the first black actor to achieve the Triple Crown of Acting: winning a competitive Oscar, Emmy and Tony in acting categories. She is also the first African-American actress and the first woman of color to win the Screen Actors Guild Award five times. She is also one of only two black actresses (the other being Octavia Spencer) to have received three Academy Award nominations.”

Fun facts: she’s related to a peer that I knew in college. She’s also the second cousin of Mike Colter, who plays Luke Cage (Marvel). Viola Davis wanted to be Wonder Woman (DC Comics) as a kid because she was bullied (my favorite character is Wonder Woman).

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