Hey there! I’m Jerlyn Thomas. I wrote this just in case you felt like reading.jerlyn

I’m a Caribbean girl. I was born on an island in the Caribbean called the Commonwealth of Dominica (not Dominican Republic) and lived in the US Virgin Islands before attending the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY.

At R. I. T, I majored in New Media Design & Imaging. I had been interested in a variety of fields in my life from history to math (most of the people who know me considers me to be a polymath) and New Media gave me no limitations in those areas.

Love of Art
Growing up I’ve always wanted to do something with art and technology as I began to draw at the tender age of 5. I became addicted to the computer when I got my first web designing/developing gig at the age of 14. However art influences what I consider the better parts of my life: I enjoy sewing, painting, cooking, photography, writing and dancing. I make it a point to be inspired daily and New York City makes it easy for me to do so.

Social Media
Before the term “blog” was coined (back then it was called a web log or journal), it was the days of geocities, Grey Matter, angelfire, live journal, etc and I used a dial-up connection to post my website. Back then, everyone seemed to be into vectoring and while I was in college, I had the chance to join facebook before it was opened to the entire world and studied how most of my friends and I used it to keep in contact with each other. Fast forward to the present, I honestly never imagined that I would be able to carry the web with me in my hands… I’m absolutely in love with it. When it comes to Social Media, I’m a huge social butterfly: I avidly use facebook, twitter, foursquare, tumblr (to name a few at the moment) and they are always in my pocket (on my Android Phone). I think Social Media allows me to have a lifeline in almost every situation I’m in. I can reach out to my friends or random strangers who just enjoy sharing information. I always try to keep up with what’s next because it’s exciting.

I write about my life here in NYC and cover everything from food to code. My blog isn’t specialized so, expect the topics to be random. However, essentially, I am a designer and developer. I’ve lived in NYC since 2007 and I truly enjoy my life here.

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