About Me

Photo of Jerlyn

I often draw upon my diverse experiences. I’m from the Caribbean. I grew up in a small village without access to necessities such as running water. My family didn’t have electricity. I didn’t have a computer. Today, I reside in one of the world’s largest cities and I’m transforming digital experiences. So far, I’ve forged a path as a Black woman and immigrant, and hopefully paving the way for others who look like me.

I’m unapologetic about my work and identity, and I am a unique individual who leaves a lasting impression intentionally. My passion lies in creating visually stunning and thoughtfully designed digital experiences that are inclusive and accessible to all. My love for art and technology allows me to communicate effectively with various audiences.

Along with my professional pursuits, I love ultramarathon running and triathlons. So far I have completed two 50-mile races and a couple of half-ironman distances. This dedication to discipline and hard work informs my approach to everything I do. I believe that discipline is necessary. Continuously seeking out new software and ways to enhance my skills, my ultimate goal is to use my talents to impact future generations positively.

I am particularly driven by inclusive design, science, exercise, and finding inspiration. With many aspirations still ahead of me, I look forward to sharing my journey with others— hopefully making a lasting impact. (And, who knows, perhaps one day, my success will enable me to achieve my dreams. In the meantime, purchase my books).