Mermaid generated in Midjourney

There you have it! Adobe has brought Generative Fill to Photoshop and Firefly!

Let me share my personal experience with it. Recently, I embarked on a creative journey for the month of May, inspired by the #mermay trend followed by many artists. During this venture, I used Text-to-Image in Midjourney to generate a captivating mermaid image. While I was pleased with the overall result, there were a few minor adjustments I desired. For instance, the mermaid's eyes were closed, there were some peculiar artifacts on her shoulder, and I wanted to enhance her makeup by brightening it.

Here are some results that I got from InPainting in Firefly:


Inpainting in Photoshop:


A combo of both Firefly and Photoshop:

Firefly and PS combo


In the past, I checked out Christian Cantrell who made the The Stability Photoshop plugin which allows you to generate and edit images using both Stable Diffusion and DALL•E 2 right inside Photoshop. Check his website for the latest.

I'm truly impressed that Adobe is getting closer and closer to what I'll need for my creative process while using generative AI tools.



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