This weekend has been a balance of work and play. 🙂 “Jade’s not going to be a dull girl” ;-).
So in between, I had the chance to start on unpacking my room and the office, photos:


There’s still boxes to unpack sadly… My desk is to the right. Eventually this room will be black and white (besides the books of course).


My room still has work to do, I hung up one of my paintings so far… I think it’s too small so I am going to add other frames around or one of my large paintings. And yes, I know that IKEA mat doesn’t match!

I saw girls playing double dutch today and it made me smile. It reminded me of growing up and when I used to jump rope for fun (not for the gym – like right now). It was on my way to the gym, I also forgot that there were usually cute guys at the gym (omg, I am such a girl).

I felt great after my workout and realized that I hadnt gone in weeks! – well I exaggerated, I haven’t gone since I moved. Today I explored some more of my neighborhood. I still need to get my eyebrows threaded damnit! Does anyone know a place? haha

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