This is probably one of the best that I have received in my email ever.

Greetings to you, I am contacting you as regards to your western union slip which was found with Mr. William who sent money to you through western union but unfortunately he had an accident on his way back home as I was there in the scene to witness it here in the UK. I took him in my car so as to save his life but he gave up hours ago at the hospital. He was holding the slip in his hand which was a duplicate of his copy when I tried helping him in my car. I went through his dairy to find your contact information and your email address was indicated as he wrote it down to have your money transfer details sent to you. I have the copy with me and I would want you to send me your full contact details to ascertain that you are the person in concern. As soon as I get your mail with the correct details on the slip, I will be sending down the tracking number to you to have it checked as valid online to satisfy to you that its s available for pick up. Contact me via email: mikejamesworld@…

They really must be making a lot of money scamming people.

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