My roommate’s dog will be moving in soon, her name is Mou. She looks adorable.

I havent posted photos of the new apartment look as yet. I love it. It does look more contemporary/grown up/sophisticated.

We are going to have to purchase a couch. We are considering this one.

Yesterday was rough. My roommate’s bike got stolen. It was chained for a couple days when he went to see his gf (in canada).. and I went to work yesterday and it was still there, however, from the hours of 2PM – 5PM it got stolen!

Seriously, who does shit like that? (sadly i know people who do).

I wish that they’d return it but of course they won’t. Probably will buy a new wheel (since they couldn’t unlock the front wheel).

Anyway, I gotta go running and exercise abit because tonight is a debate night and I do not want to miss it!

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