I decided to add a recipe section because I think that it also falls under design. I think cooking, my hobby, should be considered an art/craft (which I hope it is).

You can check out my tastebook (thanks Aurea!). I will be populating it with more recipes very soon.

I made curried saltfish & fried plantains today for lunch. I ate the salt fish with slices of wheat bread.


Salted fish to your heart’s content
Black Pepper
Veggies  (I used unfrozen beans & carrots )
minced onions and green pepper
Plantain (separate)
Oil (I used olive oil)

Curried saltfish & fried plantains
Curried saltfish & fried plantains
  1. I soaked the saltfish in water overnight.
  2. Throw water out, shred saltfish by pulling apart and remove bones
  3. Season with black pepper and curry
  4. In a skillet pour a dab of oil and onions followed by green peppers – enjoy the aroma.
  5. Pour salted fish into skillet , mixing… add abit more olive oil for a little moisture
  6. Add veggies and keep mixing.Everything should be done in about 5-7 minutes.
  7. Remove from skillet. cool.

For the plantains, I simply removed the peel. Sliced the plantains and fried them in oil. Drained the oil by placing on napkin (as in photo). Some people add salt to it after however, since I am already having lots of salt from the saltfish, I left that alone.


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