I am writing spotlights of artists that I admire. Artists, comprising of designers, programmers, etc. Today I am writing about a colleague of mine, Pari Dukovic. He’s my Greek friend from Turkey, yes he grew up there. I always thought he had an awesome name for a photographer.

Pari Dukovic
** Pari Dukovic
Tasting Canvas
** Tasting Canvas

I did promise myself to purchase the new issue of Time Magazine because my friend Pari Dukovic retouched the cover however I wasn’t able to get around to it as yet. I found it online… so Congratulations Pari!

First Lady, Michelle Obama on Time Magazine.
*First Lady, Michelle Obama on Time Magazine.

I know Pari from college and he has taken some past images of me including everyone’s favorite:

by Pari Dukovic
** Jerlyn Thomas by Pari Dukovic

I wanted to display some of Pari’s other work, which can also be seen on his site.

Paris Loukas Dukovic
Paris Loukas Dukovic

He has been working mostly in black and white lately, which is fine because those were always my favorites. I love how he captures passion and emotions and his use of space and patterns. The images always look interesting.

Duckie Brown
**Duckie Brown
Venues of Immortality
Venues of Immortality
Venues of Immortality
**Venues of Immortality
Venues of Immortality
**Venues of Immortality

Make sure you take a look at Pari Dukovic’s Website. You may contact him at: pari[at]paridukovic.com.

*images copyright to the photographer who did this.
**Black and White Images copyright to Pari Dukovic.

3 thoughts on “Pari Dukovic

  1. Matt

    This is awesome! Way to go Pari.

  2. Vandy

    Lovely! Really awesome artist 🙂

  3. Jo

    I love the picture with the sleeping family…

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