I did this interview this past weekend, sorry that it’s posted late. I was interviewed by Masborn’s crew and this is the result posted here.

Dominica Source is about lives of people from my country: The Commonwealth of Dominica. I left there when I was 11 years old and settled on the island of St. Croix until I went off to college. I don’t remember too much of it but I do remember how life was. It was a daily struggle of survival and when I reflect on my life I notice how fortunate I’ve been so far. It was great doing this and hopefully I’ll get to inspire others somehow.

I felt really natural during this interview and hope you’ll encourage the development of Dominica Source, I think it’s a fantastic idea.

Here are some reposted videos but you can read the article here. Thanks Dominica Source 🙂

They are @Dominicasource on twitter.com

2 thoughts on “Dominica Source Interview

  1. Charles

    Yes you do look natural and I can’t get enough of your smile…enjoy your day!

  2. Julian

    Nice interview, I’ve got to say that actually interesting, but the ending of it made me laugh since it sounded like you were doing a commercial 😉 ciao

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