I had my very first hike today (in american standard). In the Caribbean, our “hiking” is more of a requirement and way of life so it definitely baffles me that people do this for recreation. We used to carry water on our head from the rivers and walk distances when we shopped for groceries, when we headed to the beach and when we went to school.

However it was certainly amazing. I went with Steph (who is the most experienced out of all of us), Yvonne and Mark. We hiked the trails near Sloatsburg. The trains got me there an hour and a half later than we anticipated but we must have covered over 7 miles to get to this beautiful lake (which was worth it) from 3pm to 7:30.

I am so proud of us. We went over boulders, went downhill and climbed uphill. I was psyched mostly because I was out of NY for the afternoon.

Yesterday I had a bootcamp course so the trail was challenging for me since my muscles are still sore. I also had very little sleep (that I can blame on the neighborhood party that took place a block from me). So I took 5 hour energy and “sucked it up!”

I certainly hope to do it again! This time, hopefully the subway will be running on schedule… And I get my much needed sleep! Good night friends!

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