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I realized that my Health Insurance doesn’t cover a great deal and I might be completely ignorant or lack the research for great insurance (if that exists).

So I called to inquire about a better plan that would cover the essentials (since I am not happy with the current).

Here’s what affects my lack of great Health Insurance:

  1. I live in NYC (I don’t want to move yet)
  2. I don’t make less than 20K (Can people really survive on that in NYC? — I asked this to the rep)
  3. I don’t have kids (and hopefully none any time soon *knock on wood*)
  4. I am not married (so, Uh this is the simplest option any takers? I think getting married to arrange anything is simply unfortunate)

So any suggestion on this?  Especially if you are a NYer. My next option is the Freelancers Union.

Dear Obama, I could really use your help here.

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