I’m in Los Angeles again for the Adobe Max conference like I went to last year. I had such a blast that I decided to do a take two with some encouragement from Shweta and Russ of course!

This time around I took some work with me so I’m coding from the hotel. We are at the same hotel again. My trip here was pleasant enough however  I couldn’t get enough sleep in (restless passenger was sitting next to me).

I got to see my sister today (she picked me up from the airport). I still find it humorous that we live in two separate parts of the country. She’s on the West Coast, and I on the East Coast (New York is better *wink*).

Anyway, I’m here and I know this year will be pretty exciting! I wonder whether I will win the Master Collection again this year (like I did last year – 2 of them). C’mon lady luck?

I already saw @stefsull and @garazi at the Airport (didn’t get a chance to say hi). However, I had a great time at their sessions last year and I’m definitely sure they have something amazing prepared.

I’ll keep you posted when they announce cool things here. Follow me on @jerlyn for real time updates.

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