Shankman2010 Holiday Party

It’s cold. Too cold. However, that didn’t prevent me from attending the Peter Shankman’s holiday party yesterday. It was held at the Hudson Terrace (621 West 46th street).

Who is Peter Shankman?

I only met him briefly but he seemed nice. I was possibly inebriated (There was an open bar from 6PM – 10PM). However, before going to this party, I read a great deal of entries on his blog. Peter is quite inspirational. A few weeks ago, he did an ironman in Cozumel, so he’s an official ironman. That’s a life goal of mine so just meeting someone as inspirational motivates me a great deal.

Peter is also a consultant who founded HARO. He also is an activist… There’s so much more about him and he’s now one of the people that I look up to online.

Talking about people that I look up to, I met someone (Scott) tonight who helped raise over $25,000 with twitter for a kid in a wheelchair. In order for him to live his final days comfortably — see the power of twitter. He was so modest about it also. He just got a book deal from someone he met at the party (amazing). It’s unfortunate when I meet people in my circle who say, “I don’t see the point of twitter” or “I tried it a few times and I don’t get it.” My life has changed so much since twitter and I will write about it here one day.

Shawn, Me & Scott.

I didn’t interact with many people (unfortunately because I was so overwhelmed by how cool these people were) I wondered: Why did I get invited? Guess what: It wasn’t because of my @klout score (which happens to be 65).

An exclusive party because we are passionate about what we do on Twitter. Thank you klout.

Peter Shankman said this during his speech:

One person won the all expense paid vacation to cancun — it was her birthday! Happy Birthday @meghanoverdeep.

I met some other folks such as: Bob who hosts a podcast

Bob & Walter (Sprint Media Relations). Bob is 6’5″ and Walter is 6′ 10″ (I don’t think I have ever met someone an entire foot taller than me!)

Also, @copyrider – Leah – Bad Bad Leah — who is a fellow freelancer and completely awesome (I can tell this just by her tweets and randomly meeting).

Also @HajjFlemings who runs Also Shawn (@backpackingdad) from who was voted hottest blogger along with Peter a couple years ago (can I be voted hottest blogger also pretty please?)

Scott, I totally want your shirt.

The DJ (DJ Gravy) was awesome by the way!

Just in case you were wondering what was in the “Sample Bag:”

Not shown: Fiji water and POM juice that I had. Also, there’s a tanning solution in there that I can’t use :p.

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