It’s cold. Too cold. However, that didn’t prevent me from attending the Peter Shankman’s holiday party yesterday. It was held at the Hudson Terrace (621 West 46th street).

Who is Peter Shankman?

I only met him briefly but he seemed nice. I was possibly inebriated (There was an open bar from 6PM – 10PM). However, before going to this party, I read a great deal of entries on his blog. Peter is quite inspirational. A few weeks ago, he did an ironman in Cozumel, so he’s an official ironman. That’s a life goal of mine so just meeting someone as inspirational motivates me a great deal.

Peter is also a consultant who founded HARO. He also is an activist… There’s so much more about him and he’s now one of the people that I look up to online.

Talking about people that I look up to, I met someone (Scott) tonight who helped raise over $25,000 with twitter for a kid in a wheelchair. In order for him to live his final days comfortably — see the power of twitter. He was so modest about it also. He just got a book deal from someone he met at the party (amazing). It’s unfortunate when I meet people in my circle who say, “I don’t see the point of twitter” or “I tried it a few times and I don’t get it.” My life has changed so much since twitter and I will write about it here one day.

Shawn, Me & Scott.

I didn’t interact with many people (unfortunately because I was so overwhelmed by how cool these people were) I wondered: Why did I get invited? Guess what: It wasn’t because of my @klout score (which happens to be 65).

An exclusive party because we are passionate about what we do on Twitter. Thank you klout.

Peter Shankman said this during his speech:

One person won the all expense paid vacation to cancun — it was her birthday! Happy Birthday @meghanoverdeep.

I met some other folks such as: Bob who hosts a podcast

Bob & Walter (Sprint Media Relations). Bob is 6’5″ and Walter is 6′ 10″ (I don’t think I have ever met someone an entire foot taller than me!)

Also, @copyrider – Leah – Bad Bad Leah — who is a fellow freelancer and completely awesome (I can tell this just by her tweets and randomly meeting).

Also @HajjFlemings who runs Also Shawn (@backpackingdad) from who was voted hottest blogger along with Peter a couple years ago (can I be voted hottest blogger also pretty please?)

Scott, I totally want your shirt.

The DJ (DJ Gravy) was awesome by the way!

Just in case you were wondering what was in the “Sample Bag:”

Not shown: Fiji water and POM juice that I had. Also, there’s a tanning solution in there that I can’t use :p.

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