I got this in the mail a couple days ago and I finally wore it to work today. I loved the design of it. It’s from my Alma Mater, the Rochester Institute of Technology. (By the way @Miggi worked on this also check him out at SketchBooked) Not many folks know that I attended there but that’s where my post secondary education led me and I must say it was an incredible school. I’m quite fortunate for the memories that I had there that helped me grow. It also stirs the passion that I have for my work.

Tiger Pride actually comes from a Tiger named spiRIT (a Bengal Tiger – 1963-1964) that was the school’s mascot. You can read more about the tiger here. A dog named Brownie was the mascot prior to Tigers in 1955, that all changed but you can read more about it at that website. I got this T-Shirt because I support my alma mater and wanted to show a token of my appreciation for attending there.

By the way, this girl on the College site is totally me:

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