In continuation of firsts that I’ve had for the year… this was my very first tailored-to-my-body dress. A BelleVisage Clothing peplum dress by Alana Robin — a truly talented seamstress from the island and village of my birth: Dominica.

I knew Alana since elementary school. We attended the same church, sang in the same choir and got into the same High School. After age 11, I moved to Virgin Islands so I didn’t know of her love of sewing until earlier this year when she started her line BelleVisage Clothing:

For Christmas gifts, she decide to give her peers dresses. Ok, at first I wondered about this because I really do not think any creative person should work for free. Also, the task at hand seems like quite the challenge. However, she completed my dress really quickly and I had the dress before Christmas!

I actually have to give credit to my sister for the idea of a peplum dress because I don’t usually wear dresses and I was very indecisive of what to tell Alana to make. Isn’t that cool though? Telling someone your stats and asking them to make a dress for you miles away without fittings? — pure talent.

Tailored dresses are extremely tricky so that’s another reason why I love this dress and the fact that it fits. People pay $$$$ for dresses that fit them just right. Another thing about having a dress tailored to your body though is I have to be very careful about those 10-15 lbs that I might gain after the Holidays! So I apologize for the bad eating that I did these past few days and during the pics from overeating (lol). So, enjoy since — I love the dress.

To get your very own BelleVisage Clothing visit Alana’s site by visiting here:

Oh yah, temporary curly hair 😉

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