To be fair, I really enjoyed 2011. I had a good time. It had some parts that were down but definitely mostly up. You thought that I would miss my year-end wrap up, didn’t you? Well, since I wrote them for past years, I figured why stop now… even if it’s already the New Year. Happy New Year by the way!

I started the year training for a half marathon. I was a running machine! I remember going further than I had with each passing week and I felt so accomplished! I was also freelancing and enjoying every moment of it.

I learned how to make chili.

I loved the city even more after coming to terms of being single. I also realized that my friendships were forever changing. It still is.
I had some life lessons immediately this month. I was able to gain another year and I think I got smarter. I started adding value to friendships. I did more painting this year than any other year because I was experimenting:

I also went to see the Harlem Globe Trotters for my birthday. The get together that I planned was fantastic but I realized I would have a better time traveling for my birthday from now on.

I was up to running 10 miles by March.

I was also taking Spanish (end of the year: I don’t think I’m any better than Spanish than before)

I was also still painting:

I did “hand modeling” for an NYC subway ad.

I booked a trip to my country after 15 years because I realized that I could afford it.

I gave up Netflix and Cable completely (even if I hadn’t turned on Cable in years I tried it again for a month).

I also did more painting and I tried hot yoga for the first time and loved it. I do want to try it again.

I rode a motorcycle:

It had been a year since I lost my job at Aviary. Everything went uphill from since that day. I joined the Cement Bloc as a Senior Art Director in digital. I still love it.

The ads that I modeled for went up:

I ran my very first Half Marathon! I’m still just a half marathoner but I felt great to have achieved that status:

Bib: 1739
Overall place: 3566
Gender Place: 1366
Age place: 476
Finish Time: 2:04:21
Pace: 9:29
AG gender place: 1561
AG%: 52.9%

I did loathe myself for getting injured at mile 7 and walking/limping all the way to the finish line. However, the point is… I finished.

I went to St. Croix to visit my parents and met my youngest sister for the first time:


Immediately after, I took a trip to Dominica after 15 years. It was absolutely amazing. I met family, ate good food, rethought my religion and achieved clarity.

I also was blessed with a new niece.

I started slacking off with my blogging since I started working fulltime.


I got so busy taking care of my life and balancing it that I didn’t blog throughout July.

My dad learned how to text (finally!).

I took up tango, which I realized that I absolutely LOVED. I also started the 100 push ups challenge and got a few more boot camp sessions.

I went shooting rifles with Brittany (college friend — it’s incredible that I still have a good time hanging with her when we meet).

I also met Emily Duong who has become an incredible friend throughout the year. Thanks Emily!

I was interviewed about my trip to Dominica after 15 years by Dominica Source.

I started reading “Born to Run” which made me feel more like running with each chapter.

I lost my wallet and realized that a company that I worked for earlier was taking money out of my account so we got into a legal battle that got resolved later that year. I became aware that companies can take money out of your account once you have done direct deposit with them. I hope this information helps people later.

I signed up for 23 and me.

I did some new style of art which I enjoyed but never continued 🙁

I was looking forward to the 2nd half marathon that I signed up for but hurricane Irene took that goal away from me! Drats!

I started this new style of polishing my nails.

I also wrote about my horrible cab experience.

During this month, I got to see my niece for the first time since I was on my way to Adobe Max Conference.
I went to L. A. again for the  Adobe Max conference. I also went to Vegas for the first time. It was incredible. I also fostered amazing new friendships.

I made Artist training cards for the first time at Gardenia’s party:

I came back and made my Halloween outfit.


I didn’t blog at all mostly because I was resolving what occurred with the company that took money from my bank account in August. When it was finally resolved, I continued with my life absolutely loathing that I can’t write about what ended up happening.

I learned how to solve the Rubik’s cube:


I came to terms with a lot of things. Now, I just want to keep thinking like this into the new year. I have too much to lose now and I hate how that feels.

I also bought way too many Apple/Mac devices this year (I did mourn the passing of Steve Job’s passing although a day earlier I was angered by Apple interrupting the Adobe Max Conference announcement just to announce the new iPhone).

I think 2012 can only be as good as I handle each situation. So, with that said, “May the best days of 2011 be the worse days of 2012!” Happy New Year!

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  1. Sounds like a very fun year. Especially May! (….What? Motorcycles are awesome).

    But as you say, “May the best days of 2011 be the worse days of 2012!” And let those be at the beginning, because we should aim for every day to be better than the last.

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